Tuesday, June 09, 2015

If Mamma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!

The Cranky Queen took a trip west for about 5 days ("west" meaning approximately five hours from the Birmingham, AL area) to her home town of Tallulah, LA to visit her Mamma 'Cranky Em.' Typically Mamma has a "project" for me to do while I'm visiting...so we did a little yard work...a little house cleaning...and shopping for lamps & accessories to 'summarize' the house. Now I love my Mamma, but she completes the quote "if Mamma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!" Above is a vignette on a dresser used as a side board in the living area with pottery, antlers, Fleur de Lis (in all LA homes) & a handmade pottery tile purchased at KENTUCK FESTIVAL in Northport, AL. 

On the Duncan Phyfe dining room buffet, I used simple brown transferware, a Fleur de Lis & a fun bird on a glass top pedestal. I love the reflection of the mirror...
The sofa table continues the decor of various pottery birds, a nest-like metal basket filled with a menagerie of decorative balls & a candlestick.
                                                        Close-Up Look...
The dining room table was set w/ a striped runner & a square basket with rafia-type fruit, a cute metal rooster, peacock themed creamer & sugar and a glitzy candle holder for a little Louisiana pizazz!

The vignette above consists of some of the new items that we purchased on our Mother~Daughter shopping day.  The adorable pottery bird with glazed florets on its wing, the textured blown glass orbs & the vintage-style bottle help "freshen up" the basket on the coffee table.

My favorite pieces of Mother' collection... Pictures cannot show how beautiful these Roseville pieces really are...and I love the English washstand with ornate tile backsplash
"Cranky Em" & me "The Cranky Queen"... We are only 'CrAnKy' when "we ain't happy!"


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