Sunday, January 30, 2011

Never Fear...The STEERS Are Near!

It is funny what different people collect.  I am always fascinated with some of the "odd" things that are collected.  When I finally decide to NOT start a new collection, guess what?; I find something that I just have to start collecting.  Some may call it a "madness", others "crazy", but for those of us in the antique & junk world, we call it "therapy"! Thus the collection begins.....

                                                         Local Steers
My married name is STEERS.  About 10 years ago, my friends started gifting me with things that pictured a steer, or a bull, or a cow with horns.  Now I am not talking about the Texas Longhorn, or the cow skull with a western motif, but tasteful things that I hold near and dear to my heart.  Granted you can find lots of cow collectibles, but Steers items are much harder to find.

One of my 1st Steers' pieces, a Royal Bayreuth plate, was given to me by my dear friend, Wanda, & I just smile every time that I look at it...

After this dainty little plate, it was decided that I MUST start my Steers' collection!

I also love old linen post cards.  On junkin' days with my girlfriends, they will pass me right by while I rummage through old postcard bins...& sometimes I do find a Steers postcard.  My youngest junkin' friend, Shannon, gave me the funny postcard with the tail down for the age! Of course I am far from 60 yrs. old!

Anything "unusual" or "out of the ordinary", I try and "steer it in" if it is a reasonable price...and sometimes I will even splurge on a really good find, but please Don't tell Mr. Steers...

My friend, Jerri, found this Steers coat hanger in a rental property that she owned, and gave it to me as a "happy".  I have awesome friends!

 This was the last little find that I purchased in Brewton, AL & our local Photography Shop, Home of Photography, framed it for me.  I just adore it, and the colors are so vibrant. Mr. Steers even liked it. It is a little book from the 1950's that was probably given to farmers and cattlemen to keep notes in, and it had tidbits of info on the weather and cattle feeding tips.

So, I hope you have enjoyed viewing one of my many collections.  I would love to hear from anyone who shares my Steer collection enthusiasm. Just remember, never fear...the STEERS are always near! Happy Hunting! If you see this license plate, you will know it is me!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Royal Dog Collection

I love collecting vintage dogs.  I originally thought that I would only collect chihuahuas and poodles because those are the furry little friends that call our home their dog house, but I decided that I really love all dogs, thus the collection began!

Hail, Hail the Cranky Queen Has Joined the Blog World!

Welcome all fellow bloggers & all those that love to decorate, craft, collect junk, go to garage & estate sales, attend auctions, & anything else that "blows your dress up!"... After much encouragement from my dear friends and family, I have jumped in with my eyes tightly shut, gritting my teeth as I plunge into the blog pool. I have to admit, I was scared to death to start a blog.  BUT, fortunately, I have a dear friend that came to "the queen's" rescue, held my hand, and set up my blog. Whew!  It was quite the task, but we (I should say she) did it! So, I hope that you will enjoy my posts and comment so that the Queen is not so "Cranky"!