Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plants Under Glass Make A Comeback from the 1970's ~ Decorating With Terrariums

 Terrariums have made a comeback...any magazine that you pick up lately has an article on DIY Terrariums. The Cranky Queen remembers them as a child on a much bigger scale.  They sat perched on every mod coffee table or window seal basking under the glow of some funky hanging light amongst shag carpet and groovy furnishings! Look whats new with these plants under glass. Pictured above are 2 that my gal pals made.

 January 2012 edition of Better Homes & Garden Magazine had a great article on terrariums with step by step instructions on "How To".
So my gal pals & I got together for a girl's craft night out to assemble terrariums.  Several had collected various mosses, ferns, succulents, & vines throughout the week. We all brought a jar/container of choice.

 Duchess Melanie was the "expert" at making these creations using pebbles 1st, then horticulture charcoal & topping it off w/soil.                             
Empress Wanda assembled her unique terrarium using a glass cloche, metal lamp base, peat pot & adorable lamb perched on bed of vivid green moss.

Cranky Queen perched a little made in Japan gold vintage turtle in one of her terrariums~Her container was originally a candle holder.
Countess Lisa used a rooster cloche that was a last year's birthday gift from The Cranky Queen as the house for her terrarium.  Don't you just love the little mint~colored rooster peeking out @ his friends???
Lady Shannon opted for a cookie-type jar 
& added a stone for "the natural look."
This adorable little welded cloche was snagged by the Cranky Queen for 50 cents at a local Thrift Store.  It had a little dusty butterfly on dried flowers that she removed, chipped off the glue & cleaned. She added a piece of Blue Ridge broken china to complete her fun craft!
The finished products!
The Queen & her Royal Court ~ LOL!
From Left to Right: Countess Lisa, Empress Wanda, Duchess Melanie, Maiden Shannon and (seated)  Cranky Queen Tiffany

Check this Terrarium Necklace out that my neighbor gal pal generously gave me for Christmas. Isn't it just the "belle of the ball?!?" 
You can find it at Twig Terrariums
Other  fun terrarium makers are Tiny Terrains & DoodleBird on Etsy.

 We ended the party with a slice of homeade skillet upside~down pineapple cake graciously baked my Maiden Shannon! YUMMMMMM...


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dont' Slam the Screen Door!

Isn't it funny how certain "sayings" cause childhood memories to come rushing back as if someone let the gates of your memory wide open...Well, as the Southern Gal that I am (why yes dear, the South does have Royalty), I have fond memories of quirky little sayings (or demands) that my Mamma would say (or scream) to me...such as "Don't slam the screen door!"...my unspoken remark was always "if you don't want me to slam the door, then fix that little thingy at the top, so it will close much slower" ...another thought (also unspoken) was "why do we even have a screen door~we HAVE air condition!"  So as for me and screen doors...not sure why, but I can hardly pass one by at an antique mall or shop without stopping & giving it a 2nd glance. So, hence, to honor my childhood & my Daddy & Mamma~I bought an old chippy, rusty screen door.
Meet Roger.  He is holding the door that I "rescued" from  
RESCUED RELICS in Montgomery, AL.(Before Pic)
Look at the cute little signs that they place on the items that you purchase, but have to return to pick up. Took me 4 months to actually rescue & remove the door from its premises!
This is the After door!  I scrubbed it with soap and H20...then I sanded it...then put a light stain on it to give it that more aged appearance (not that it didn't already look old)...then I attached my HOLSUM BREAD door pull & ad sign on it...I left the screen as is with its little tears & rips...
 Found this door pull at River Chics in Vicksburg, MS
My Daddy salvaged this sign many years ago from a store that he serviced when it closed down in Tallulah, LA. 
Daddy worked for Holsum Bread for 38 years.
The door sits in the corner of my studio. Not sure if I will use it to hang things on or not...Right now just enjoying a piece of history. I collect Holsum Bread items.  That will be for another post, BUT if you come across anything, please let me know...The Southern Holsum Bread was owned by Bill Cotton Sr., that is where Cotton's Holsum Bread originated; however I am a collector of all HOLSUM BREAD items.
This picture was taken 15 years ago when my Dad was still a "bread man."  Prince Logan was a little over 2 years old.  He loved to ride in that truck and always bribed his Papa out of a honey bun.  The delivery truck's aroma also brings back fond memories.  Daddy is gone now, but his memory lives on...


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Sunday, January 22, 2012

300 Followers Giveaway

The Cranky Queen is laughing out loud?  What has contributed to her less "crankiness" demeanor???  Because "Her Majesty" has a few things to celebrate.  #1.Reaching 300 Followers!   #2.Celebrating my 1 Year Blogging Anniversary & #3.January is my Birthday Month! 
So a giveaway is "a must" to celebrate...Hail to the Queen!
The Queen has been making pillows from vintage fabrics, trims, laces, buttons, & pins. She wanted to "share the love" by offering some of her meager contributions to sewing to all of her blog family (old and new).
The first pillow has a fun floral pattern with old crocheted trim, a yellow button in the middle and a cool enamel~type floral brooch.
The 2nd pillow has this groovy ball fringe & daffodil wild fabric w/ a yellow button in the center & anenamel~type brooch. This is my fav..
This pillow has great colors & pattern, accented w/an enamel~style rose pin. Dainty handmade lace &  buttons complete it w/ an envelope fold.
 The 4th & final pillow is made from what I call "Grandma's kitchen curtains"...Don't you just love the fabric? The fringe is vintage purchased from one of my gal pals, Wanda at Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk.
So...what are the rules for the giveaway?  Easy as Mississippi Mud pie!  
1.  Be a follower and tell me if you are new or old.
2.  In the same comment, tell me which pillow is your favorite.
3.  Tell your blog friends & if they become a follower, they should include who referred them to by blog palace.YOU will get another chance to win!
Are you laughing yet?  So come join the fun...Grab my giveaway button if you would like!  FOUR chances to win...The giveaway drawings will be held on Sunday, February 5th at 5:00 pm central time!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

If You Want Breakfast In Bed, You Better Sleep In the Kitchen!

The Cranky Queen needed a gift for a Bridal Kitchen Shower...but she wanted something different from the "usual" wedding gift chosen from their registry...No one can ever say that the Queen is ordinary~
 So with a little thought, I made this pillow from old vintage kitchen curtains & fringe.  Don't you just love the pattern.  I placed a pocket on this pillow and tucked a recipe card & a wooden spoon in it to go along with the party theme.  Of course, I added a cook book and some cute recipe cards that matched the pillow. On the card, I wrote the typical Congratulations, Hope All of Your Dreams Come True, Here's To A Happy Life...but I also included funny sayings such as "If You Want Breakfast In Bed, You Better Sleep In the Kitchen"&"When the Fire Alarm Goes Off, Supper is Served"
 So when the honeymoon is over and hubby needs to sleep in the kitchen to get his "breakfast in bed", he can use the recipe pillow to rest his head~

Thursday, January 05, 2012

This Weather Makes Me Shutter!

Brrrrrr. It is cold outside for this Southern gal's bones!  The Cranky Queen is a little crankier when the temperature drops below 50 degrees or so!  Thought that I would share a quick and cute idea made from old shutter slats.  Tada! A STAR is born!  You only need 4 items....
1.  Old shutter slats (or new ones painted & scuffed to look old)
2.  Wood glue.  (I used Elmer's Wood Glue)
3.  Wire for hanging
4.  Burlap or ribbon for "a little added flare"
1.  Arrange slats in a STAR formation.
2.  Adhere with wood glue.
3.  Let dry.
4.  Attach wire hanger & bow.
A quick introduction to my Royal Grand Dog, Sadie...Prince Logan gave this adorable little puppy to his royal girl friend, Princess Allie, for Christmas.  Cranky Queen keeps her all of the time & plays dress up!

Pekingese Sadie, Princess Allie, & Prince Logan


Monday, January 02, 2012

Mystery Paintings From Days Long Forgotten

The Cranky Queen loves old paintings by unknown artist.  This winter scene actually is signed & was found in an old, dusty antique shop in south Alabama for a whopping $5~It is not framed, but I love to display it on an easel during the winter months.
 This old oil winter abstract was found in its original frame with no signature.  I wish it could speak & whisper its history in my ear...did someone paint this while gazing out their window on a frigid, cold day?
I call this a Sunday Afternoon painting.  I imagine an amateur painter painted this lovely oil one lazy afternoon when time was allowed and life was much slower. The frame is beautiful.  Again no signature.

This was one of my 1st Sunday Afternoon painting purchases.  Although, I paid more than I normally would, it spoke to me & the vintage frame was perfect.  Plus, I loved the shape. When antiques talk, I listens! Or at least that is what I tell Cranky King...

Ya'll are not going to believe this!  I bought this oldie from my gal pal, Wanda, & it was not framed...Months before, I had found this frame for $5 at a Flea Mall & snapped it up because it was so unique...the painting fit the frame perfect...It was "meant to be!" A match made in Heaven~
This time worn painting was found covered in dust tucked in the back of an antique shop in Marietta, GA.  It was not signed nor framed...My local framer friend created this frame to look vintage, perfect for the painting!
The Cranky's home town in central Alabama received snow last year on Christmas day...Maybe, I will paint a picture of our home on a lazy Sunday afternoon for someone to find many years from now!

Wishing All of You a Blessed 2012!