Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Can You Do With A Rusty Old Rake?

The Cranky Queen was doing her usual weekend drive~by "roadside scavenging" when she came upon this pile of "diamonds in the rough"!  Two old rake heads...just laying in the dust...traces of their green paint still peeking through after years of raking yards.  She threw them in the back of the Royal Carriage and continued to scan the pile, finding 2 old suitcases, an aqua box fan & 4 wooden croquet mallets (all that have now SOLD in her antique booth). What to do with these old rake heads ????

She thought it would be cute hanging on a porch or door.  She painted a little sign made from old wood & attached it to the rake with  a broken extension cord!

She found this metal flower pot hanger @ The Dollar General for $1 & attached to the tongs rake. Tied ribbon and a torn floral hankie at the top.
The ribbon is bits and pieces of old lace & trim topped of with a worn rose~patterned hanky! So this is what the Cranky Queen created with a discarded rake for less than $2~Love the heirloom roses peeking out!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Walking In His Shoes...

The Cranky Queen has the most wonderful friend. Talented... Magazine published...Beautiful blog and Etsy store.  Her name is Shari Replogle & her mixed media creations are contagious! See for yourself...
Tiffany met Shari during the Country Living Show in Atlanta, GA ~Fall of 2010. We have remained blog friends.  Visit her at Plays With Paper
Cranky Queen's Story~ "When my home town's Relay for Life Committee decided to honor my father this year, I asked Shari to create a "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes" charm titled "HOPE"...
 That very day, Shari emailed me back saying she would be honored to create the charm for me to wear during the walk.  In days, the package arrived with a sweet note of condolence & friendship.  Shari would not allow me to pay her. Her generosity cannot be summed up in words.  Her gift not only gives me hope, but others as well.  She is a special lady!
From left to right:  Chuck Ervin (my brother), Emily Ruth Ervin (my Mamma) & Tiffany Ervin Steers (Cranky Queen)
Daddy lost his battle with cancer on December 9th, 2011, but his memory lives on in our hearts.  My family was very honored that our home town, Tallulah, Louisiana, honored him during the 2012 Relay for Life.
I designed this t-shirt for all of our family & friends to wear to the Madison Parish Relay for Life in honor of my Daddy...
In Honor of my Daddy, Tommie Ervin ~ Aug. 23, 1934-Dec. 9, 2011


Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Queen's Weakness...Majolica Pottery

The Cranky Queen has always had an eye for "the better things in life"...but sometimes her "ritzy taste" does not fit her non-champaigne  budget controlled by Cranky King (well, at least that's what he believes~LOL).  Of course, she would literally covet one of the most expensive collectibles in the antique world.  Yes, Victorian Majolica...and for those that have priced it...one word...YIKES~
But...every once in awhile, she finds a bargain...or she may splurge for a piece that she really loves!  Cranky King & Prince Logan have really developed "an eye" for seeking out pieces of her fav when antiquing...
Some pieces have hairline cracks or a nick or two...
but that just tells their story of life!
The  pedestal piece was given as an Anniversary gift to the Cranky Queen by her "1&only" Cranky King! Her other pieces are like sister~matches to it...
The turquoise colors are some of my "to die for" favorites!
One of my older pieces...

Of course, the begonia leaves are hard to find & the ones that I really look for when junkin'!
My gal pal, Wanda gave me this piece!
Cranky King purchased this adorable pitcher with the birds...I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a reproduction!  I love it and smile every time I see it...It's the thought that counts...

Victorian Majolica is earthenware pottery made in the 19th century in Europe & the USA.  It has molded surfaces and colorful clear lead glaze.  Multiple manufacturers & maker marks are found. The death of Queen Victoria in 1901ended the era of true Victorian Majolica & it was superseded by Art Noveau & Art Pottery.  The Cranky Queen hopes that you enjoyed her collection of Majolica...


Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Blessings

Easter Blessings from Our Royal Family to Yours,
May you know that HE HAS RISEN...
...like the miracle of a chick breaking the shell of an egg & 
emerging into the bright world, fresh & new...