Sunday, July 31, 2011

If You Build It...They Will Come!

Once upon a time...in the Cranky Queen's town, was an old abandoned car dealership.  Years before, it had been a family~owned Ford Dealership.  The family's name was "Pickleseimer." That's a name you won't forget! As the story goes, the family sold the dealership to a BIG Auto Dealer accustomed to working with BIG city folks. Hence, several years later, they moved on back to the BIG city.
So the building sat empty...A vision from Mrs. Pickleseimer was to use the building for something. But what? Cranky Queen suggested an Antique Mall. "If You Build It...They Will Come...And They Did!
The Pickle Patch Market was sprouted! On Opening Day, shoppers came from miles around...& stood in line...& purchased all types of items from fine antiques to best selling novels to local art to the latest in purses & costume jewelry. We were astounded by the crowds eager to shop & buy!

The Cranky Queen filled her booth with primitives. These old toys brings out "the child" in people!

Horse lovers cannot resist these vintage paint-by-numbers pictures!

The older the better...& chippy & paint splattered!

So come shop The Pickle Patch escorted by The Cranky Queen herself. It will be her honor!
Nest Art by Studio T. Check her Etsy site out @ A Drop In The Bucket.
ooh la la...
Succulents in silver...for those with a "black thumb"~LOL
Wonderful vintage...with a lil' shabbiness bags
Lake Dwellers...Your cabin needs items from this booth
For the "clowns" in all of us!

Divine Design...
So true at The Royal Family's Palace~LOL!
Got Watt Ware?  Magnolia Pam definitely does in her vintage~style booth.
For the art lover...floral on old wood

And the dog lovers came to shop...

                                            & some came to gossip
Cranky King (RIGHT) & Big Daddy "fellowshiping"~LOL
"Spin around the block, anyone?" I love old bicycles...
Can you guess what this is...A very very very old butter churn
Edgar A. Poe could have used this typewriter in Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk booth. Check her blog & Etsy shop out also!
Blue Grass Music was played to entertain the crowd
So the day was long & "we are Gone with the Wind"
All dealers will "sleep like a baby" tonight!
Thank you for touring our newest business in The Marble City~Sylacauga, AL...The Cranky Queen is "out of here!" ZOOM...ZOOM...ZOOM!
  Oh & on the same day as the Pickle Patch Market's Grand Opening, the Royal Couple celebrated their 23rd Wedding Anniversary!   


Saturday, July 23, 2011

There Are Angels Among Us...

The Cranky Queen, in all of her "moodiness" & sometimes "crankiness", does believe that angels walk among us. Human beings that have such a sincere, passionate & angelic nature, that God deemed them angels to bless our lives & help us along our life's journey. I bet all of my blog friends know someone that would be considered an angel...
 Well, I created this vintage~style altered art piece for the Cranky King's Aunt Joyce who lives in Missouri.  When visiting last month, I saw that she had various angels in her home. I also found this guardian angel car pendant for her because she drives like a "bat out of hell!"~LOL
Isn't this baby girl adorable? I added gold wings. Hence, an angel was born. The background is old bible pages attached to a vintage book cover
May You Always Have An Angel At Your Side...

Vintage buttons, a piece of an old necklace & tatted lace help add to the "aged" look of this piece.  I left the book cover's edges raw for extra texture. Bible pages from LUKE.

I made a flower using an old stained crocheted doily wrapped in rust~colored binding tape.

The bottom is "finished off" with coffee stained pom pom fringe, satin ribbon, vintage buttons & a cut piece from a crocheted doily.
Grandma Steers & Tiffany
I believe that Aunt Joyce is an angel...she is a wonderful lady & has unselfishly taken care of her Mother (Cranky King's Grandmother) pictured above for many, many years.  Grandma Steers turns 103 years old in November of this year!)  Aunt Joyce is there every day...seeing that the needs of her Mother are met...
Grandma is a "legend in her own time."  Her mind is still good telling us stories of her childhood. She is mobile via wheelchair, feeds herself, and speaks her mind when needed...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

For the Birds!

 Well, the Cranky Queen & King are having some "empty nest moments" since the Cranky Prince, Logan, has begun to drive, & has a girlfriend, & participates in all the social events that goes along with being almost 17! In short, the kid is never home!  At 1st, we took it very personal, then I remembered way back in the early 1980's when I was a teenager. I didn't stay home either. So, the Royal Couple, has decided to start a hobby that we could do together. WE are building birdhouses ...THAT IS RIGHT...if you have an empty nest, build a birdhouse!
So we had some spare wood in the basement...we found directions for "easy birdhouses" on the internet...we cut the wood.  Just to "fill you in on a little secret", Cranky King, is not a very handy man...BUT, he has started collecting tools as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Father's Day...& has even put together a little work area in our basement!
Hubby cutting the birdhouse hole with his nifty drill.
The birdhouse in its "raw" state...
I spray painted it turquoise; sanded it; rubbed on walnut stain; let it dry
We attached an old knob for the lid & used a vintage mortise lock for the perch
We cut some old tin for faux windows & a rusty hinge for easy opening & cleaning!
The Royal Couple's first official birdhouse! Feathers stuck in the hole of the mortise lock for fun!
If you find your nest empty, or the baby bird is "trying out his wings" like our Cranky Prince...build a birdhouse.  Now we hope the birds will come


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award...

The Cranky Queen was honored to receive The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award from Tee at The Altered Paper. She was so "sweet" to think of me...I am blowing kisses as I write this post & giving the Queen wave!
This award comes with certain conditions. I must reveal 7 things about myself, & pass it on to 8 other  bloggers.They in turn, must do the same.

#1. I am a Registered, Licensed Dietitian...but love hotdogs!
#2.  I like a little wine with my "whine"!
#3.  I am from the Land of Dixie & darn proud of it!
#4.  I love my dogs...well, really any dog.
#5.  I collect odd folk art or outsider art. Some call me weird!
#6. I am a Soccer Mom! Foam finger waving, team attire wearing, Gatorade packing, hollering & screaming fan!

#8.  Some say I am bossy. I say that I am resourceful!
Now for the friends that I have chosen to receive this award. Drum Roll Please!
1.  Sherry @ Back2Vintage
2.  Robin @ TheCrankyCrow 
3.  Cheryl @ My Sister's Cottage
4.  Jackie @ Pretty Ragged Threads
5.  Elizabeth Ann @ Elizabeth Ann's
6.  Kelly @ Kelly Aaron Mosaics
7.  Nancy @ La Borda Bleu
8.  Tiff @ Miss Tiff

Congratulations to all. Please check out these lady's blogs. They are all amazing!