Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tie Dye and Teens

The Cranky Queen loves tie dye clothing...and Prince Logan has inherited that fondness for the "creative" flair for tie dye...Pictured above is Prince Logan with his high school girl friend, Princess Allie, modeling their very own hand~made tie dyed t-shirts...
 Today, there are kits available at local craft stores and WalMart that give you step-by-step instructions on the various methods of tie dying...but when I was a kid, it was rubber bands, vinegar & Rit!

 Allie carefully affixing the rubber bands
 "Squirting of the dye"
 The wait....
More Waiting....

...and wah lah!  Washed and ready to wear~

I found a great website titled The Tie Dyed Shop.  Check this great shirt out.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Queen of Estate Sales!

I know what you are thinking...and the Cranky Queen has a "royal excuse" for being quite tardy in the upkeep of her blog.  The Queen has started hostessing Estate Sales! I have been involved with 3 sales so far, and gosh, it is hard work...but I am lovin' it!  Just participating on a small scale by "word or mouth" in my home town, but I have learned so much and met some really fun and "interesting" people...to say the least!

As the Queen, I had to distinguish myself from all the other Estate Sale People...so I decided to wear cute aprons to all of the sales that I hosted...now I am known as the "cute apron girl"!  Too fun...See my little helper, Addison, at my very 1st Estate Sale.

 Check out "all the goods" at this sale.... Carnival Glass, Milk Glass, Made In Japan...
 Older Tupperware...Go figure, it flew off the tables!
 See the above pic for a  "blast from the past"...heading to someones hunting camp!
 The Cranky Queen carried this green jewel home...got some great ideas on how to transform it into a "Happy Chair"
The "Brady Bunch" Bedroom Suite sold right away!
My helpers during the sale...strapping a LARGE buffet on a small truck!
Addie and Mrs. Pam saved the day with their help...FREE too!
My favorite Estate Sale Friend...she was so funny & bought LOTS!
The next Estate Sale was "bitter sweet" for the Cranky Queen, because she knew the gentleman that had recently made his way Home. Heaven gained a wonderful Southern Gent & I know many were there to greet him at the Golden Gates!

This was a much smaller sale, but I pretty much sold everything in 2 days!

Old Linens & placemats~ SOLD
 The Queen was not so cranky bringing this enamel top table home with her!
Glassware...none was left!
  marbles from days long gone...
Disney Collectibles

Pots & Pans

A quick pose before the sale~

These FUNKY LAMPS "lit up" someone's world!

 Knick Knacks Galore!
Old Quilts...All SOLD!
Most of the brass sold on the 2nd day at 1/2 off
Princess Allie & The Estate Queen
Cranky KingPrince Logan were my biggest fans helping to load vehicles & kindly escort older folks up & down the steep hills...Southern Gentlemen, indeed!
Hot items at this sale...old reels & vintage cameras!

So the Cranky Queen has spread her wings & branched out into the wild blue yonder of Estate Sales...
Who knows...a television preview may be next!