Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beds...Not Just For Sleeping Anymore

Everyone enjoys a peaceful, uninterrupted night of sleep. The Cranky Queen is even "crankier" when she does not get her beauty sleep! Buttttttt....sometimes, beds become rickety or out of style or even (God Forbid), old...& people find themselves discarding head and footboards.
Above is the Cranky Prince, Logan, who helped me create this "headboard hanger." We found it on the side of the road in a trash pile. No rails. Dirty and chippy...no longer beneficial for a good nights rest!
It started out looking like this...excuse the mess...Cranky King's workshop is NEVER clean! Just because he thinks he is "royalty", doesn't mean he cannot pick up a broom every once in awhile!
As you can see, the varnish was peeling off...it was headed to the "old bed's heaven" before we snatched it off the road!
We added vintage hangers to be used to hang coats, hats, bags, etc.
So after power spraying the headboard to get all of the peeling paint off, Logan cut off the legs of the bed using a power saw.  We then added the old hardware & attached heavy duty hanger on the back for easy hanging.
This was our mother-son (queen-prince) "do-it-yourself" project.  And the Headboard Hanger sold last week! WE were thrilled.  And Cranky Prince had a good night sleep. The End!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just Livin Life

Sometimes life can be so simple...We often take for granted our blessings that each day brings. Remember to take a moment each day to slow down, say a prayer of thanks & stop to smell the flowers of life...
Other days...life deals you a different hand...your day may be filled with anxiety, brokeness, sadness..even grief.  My Mamma always says "Child, that is just livin' life!"  So whatever your day brings, remember this...Life is not fair, but Faith will get you through it. The Cranky Queen is off to Louisiana to see her Daddy. Keep us in your prayers.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Art with a Funky Flair

HOOT HOOT!   The Cranky Queen is featuring a "royal" artist friend today who has become very popular not only in Alabama, but in many artist circles.  His name is Darrell Ezekiel & he is from Sylacauga, AL.

Darrell has a vast array of art from Funky Head Paintings to Fun, Decoupaged Pieces to Art Made With Architectural Finds!

Because I am the Queen, & love Funky&Folk Art, Darrell allowed me to showcase some of his unique, fun art in my booths at the Pickle Patch Market here in Sylacauga! His fish are very popular for the lake lovers...
The fish range from $48 to $98.00
The crosses bearing a rusty cross or heart are great gift ideas! 
$26 & $36.00

The Hoot Owls are one of his newest additions to this collection. 
They range from $48 to $60.00

If you are interested in purchasing one of Darrell's original creations, please leave me a comment with your email address & I will be happy to email you with shipping details and payment information. Each piece is signed on the back.  The fish, owls & crosses are made from wood with decoupaged paper, rusty metal, nails, wire, buttons, and other bits and bobs.
 These cool wall hangings are just some of the other art that 
Darrell creates...Funky & Fab!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gals From Town Getting Down & Dirty On The Farm... Junkin' Gone Country!

A couple of weeks ago, the Cranky Queen & one of her "junkin' gal pals", Melanie, headed out on a journey to junk.  Needless to say, we never thought that we would have ended up in the middle of nowhere digging thru a barn in the country...& when the Queen says digging, I mean climbing over items, brushing spider webs away, & giving orders to the young guy who had inherited all of the land & barn to help with hauling it all to the truck.  The barn was actually home to horse stables & chicken coops that had long been forgotten. One old man drove up & was amazed at what we were buying... he even called us the "Junkin' Sisters"!
 This is just the beginning of the loading...
This is the young guy who thought we were crazy for wanting any of this old, dusty, crusty, rusty stuff! Cranky King's only criteria for us borrowing his new, red truck was to NOT scratch his back seats...
Filthy dirty & sweating, we were smiling like "kids in a candy store" after this haul.  With the backseat & bed of the truck packed, we only spent a total of $100! These "town gals" love the country!
This is one of the end tables that I snagged for $2.  I cleaned it up and "performed my magic" on the re~do!
It sold the next day at my booth in the Pickle Patch Market! 
Melanie painted & glazed these little end tables that she bargained for...I believe she paid $5 for the set! They are waiting for a buyer in her antique booth now!
This table had been sitting in the mud under the eave of the barn. It was so dirty and painted black!  Was not sure that the top was enamel until I got it home & began stripping it.  I call it the "Picasso" table, because I left various coats of paint to show thru...I bet this little table had been painted about 10 times!
Mel found this under a pile of stuff in the barn...it cleaned up nicely!
This was my "steal of the day"...and guess what??? It sold today. I loved the retro look and it was in great condition.
So a visit to the country proved to be just what us 2 "Gals from Town" needed!  Next time, I will wear my overalls!


Monday, August 08, 2011

Grandpa's Neckties

I love old neck ties.  Not sure why?  When I am browsing thrift stores and yard sales, I always stop to look at the "old man" ties...You know, the really wide ones from days long gone!  I guess the Cranky Queen is a little nostalgic, because I can remember my Papaw Wroten wearing them.
 Well, I decided to create something with some of the old neck ties that a gal pal had given to me a year or so ago.  Most were those horrid "clip-on" ties...Anyway, I had torn out a tutorial page from Country Living Magazine~June 2010 on "A Fresh Take On The Classic Father's Gift" & decided to "try my hand" at making some.  I created a nifty eyeglass case & not just for Dad! The ties are soft & won't scratch your lenses. Perfect for sunglasses too. It was an easy& fun project & a recycled craft.
I cut the manufacturer's tag from the underside & adhered it to the flap, along with a red button. Don't you just love the fleur-de-lis emblem?
 The Queen loves pasley patterns & this brown tie made the perfect case for my specs!
This Hanover St. tag was this tie's maker & it was made in the good old U.S.A.!
This was one of my favorites..maybe because of the color...or the gold button with the cool tag...
Once upon a time, the Cranky King wore neck ties to work 
(the picture above is about 13-14 years old!)
Today...he is a little more "casual"...either way...He has me "all tied up"!!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

When Friends Get Together...

I don't know about ya'll, but when my gal pals & I get together...we love to craft! Pictured above from left to right is Me (Cranky Queen), my very talented friend, Melanie, & the diva of junk, Wanda (Excuse Me Why I Buy This Junk....& we get together often to work on various "creations."
Melanie's house was the location of this gal's night out. She is really into re-purposed jewelry, & chose to work on a wonderful necklace using old religious medallions, crystal chandelier prisms & vintage jewelry.
This is the finished product~this picture really doesn't do this piece justice!
Melanie wore it to work the next day!
The Cranky Queen chose to experiment with an altered~art jar with a sea theme. I filled the jar with sand & shells....& I could not refuse using this vintage picture of an adorable little girl holding a seashell to her ear!
The Queen really concentrating on her task at hand...

Seashells, torn pages from an old dictionary, cheese cloth & sea~themed jewelry was used to alter this jar

This verse speaks to me...
Wanda & I hard at work!
Wanda's choice of crafting that night was changed mid-stream due to some "technical errors"...that happens often~LOL!

Wanda then experimented with a Formica counter top sample tile, making a key chain. As you can see, she was VERY proud of herself!
So at the end of the evening, everyone accomplished something & enjoyed good food, good gossip, fun crafting~even the pups joined in on the fun!
The Cranky Queen is really not that "cranky"...with friends like mine, how could I be?...Good friends are like fine antiques...priceless~