Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Independence Day

The Royal Cranky Family just wanted to wish everyone a 4th of July! God Bless those that died for OUR FREEDOM & OUR INDEPENDENCE!
This is the American centerpiece that I put together on my breakfast room table.  I love Americana! It is something about flags and the colors that draw me in...I am very proud and blessed have been born in the USA...                                                     
This little fella has been with me for a very long time. He was purchased for a dime in Muskogee, OK @ a garage sale!
The sweet sailor girl was given to me by a shop owner in my home town. How precious is she? Thank you Cynthia!

I couldn't pass up this little donkey. Even though we are not democrats, I thought he looked so cute among the Americana decor with the flag and blue feather sticking out of his hiney! LOL Now I need an elephant...
Just a little "festive" American decor welcoming all that enter the Cranky Castle!  I made the Uncle Sam 20 years ago! He's still standin' proud...
Dixie Belle, Sassy & Ruby Fawn wish everyone a Happy July 4th!
Ok...Ruby got a little tired after about 20 pics of posing!
The Chihuahuas Say "Divenided Bendito Ame'rica" (Spanish) & 
The Poodle Says "Dieu Vous Ame'rique" (French)
A vintage postcard...three lovely ladies in their vintage swimsuits!
Thank God for our freedom...while relaxing with family & friends!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cock-a-doodle-doo. I Have A Winner!

 Well, the day has finally come...for the Cranky Queen to draw a winner for her 200 Follower Celebration Giveaway. 35 bloggers chose to participate in the "Hen Party" & 21 were added (new) to the royal follower list! No that is something to crow about! Chickety-do-dah!
All the entries in the red mixing bowl

Let's Refresh Our Memory Of All the Chicken-Themed Giveaways!

AND THE WINNER IS... Susan from Pieces of Fate  
Congratulations!  Susan told a sad story about 2 "love bird chicks" with Boris dying & leaving Natasha to mourn in the chicken yard. The Queen received so many chicken stories, chicken recipes, chicken collectible ideas, & even chicken jokes. No one "chickened out" & made it egg-citing!
Alison from The Polohouse blog http://thepolohouse.blogspot.com offered a quick and delicious recipe fit to feed the royal family...
Parmesan Chicken Dish
1-1.5 lb. fresh boneless chicken breast
1 stick of butter
1 cup plain or seasoned bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
Salt & pepper to taste
Fresh parsley sprinkles (optional)

Melt butter. Pound each breast until flat. Dip each breast in butter. Combine bread crumbs and cheese. Coat buttered breast in bread crumb mixture very well. Place in greased dish & bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until  bubbly. YUMMY! Alison said it will "melt in your mouth!"

Pam from Hummingbirds & Lace blog http://hummingbirdsandlace.blogspot.com included a funny joke in her comment. A husband took his wife to the doctor..."Oh Dr., for 3 yrs. my wife has thought she was a chicken"...The doctor gasped, "That's terrible! I'm horrified! Why didn't you bring her in to see me sooner?" The husband sheepishly said, "Because we needed the eggs!"  Visit Pam over at her blog!
I would like to thank Kim from The Twice Remembered Cottage for hostessing the 5th Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway.  She had many talented people showcasing their giveaways during the month of May!


Friday, May 27, 2011

A Spoon Full of Friendship

You remember the old saying "A spoon full of sugar makes you sweet!"  Well, this is the Cranky Queen's take on that old wise tale...In April, we celebrated a gal pal's birthday, & that night we "spooned"...okay, that sounds a little weird...we altered spoons for our craft night out...

 The Cranky Queen decided to use a Fleur-de-lis theme. Embellishing with white vintage crocheted lace, old buttons & earrings, & silk leaves from an old, shabby wedding topper.

I added black & white checked & silver ribbon for the spoon handle & a vintage brooch for some "bling"! This spoon honors my Louisiana heritage...

The B-day girl, Melanie, chose a laundry theme for her spoon! Isn't she adorable??? She used a child's washtub graphic, aged torn dictionary pages, buttons, lace & an old key to dangle off the end of the spoon.

Because bees are so popular now, Shannon was "busy as a bee" altering her spoon! She used jute to wrap the spoon handle in and glued a vintage button for added detail. Old dictionary pages were also used.

A spoon full of love...
Jeri, our newest friend to join the "junkin gal pals" used netting, dainty ribbon, silk flower & a rhinestone heart to adorn her ladle-type spoon.  All her embellishments came from old wedding decorations.

Wanda, our hostess for the evening, made a precious spoon & actually has already done a post with her creation over at her blog,"Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk"... Visit her @ www.shopjustvintage.com

Some of the gals that attended the "Spoonful of Friendship" event
From Left to Right: Tammy, Me (Tiff), Melanie, Wanda, Jeri, & Shannon

So, if you don't need your spoon for eating or feeding...try your "hand" at altering...it's a spoonful of fun!
Keep Calm & Keep Craftin'!

Remember to enter the 200 Follower Giveaway.  Drawing Held May 29th!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Queen's Pocket

Look what the Cranky Queen got in the mail today!  A whimsy pocket "fit for a queen!"  That's right...my blog friend, Jeanie, from All My Art http://jeanieatc.blogspot.com was my swap partner in the Whimsy Pocket Swap hosted by "Tee" over at The Altered Paper blog http://creationsbytee.blogspot.com. Don't you just love the beads that spell out cranky! What a personal touch...The Queen in no longer cranky!
Jeanie replaced the queen of hearts with my very own photo...too cute!
...and she made me a personalized key chain & provided me with some future tags for crafting...


This is the pocket that I made for Jeanie using a peacock theme.  I was in such a rush to mail her pocket out, that I forgot to take my own pictures...so Jeanie was nice enough to email me a couple.  Sorry for the glare...This was a fun swap...

Quick Tutorial on Making A Whimsy Pocket:
1.  Cut a toilet paper roll 3 inches long.
2.  Glue bottom & use cloths pins to clamp until dry.
3.  Cover with decorative paper & adhere with glue.
4.  Embellish!
5.  Fill with Fun Craft Items! Enjoy! Share!

...and these were the goodies in her whimsy pocket that I mailed to her...
Check Out Jeanie's Door Hanger Challenge Ending June 6th...I am working on mine now. Click on the Door Hanger Challenge Link on her blog to see all the bloggers that have posted pics. 

Now only if my "pocket" was full of gold...Stay Calm & Keep Craftin'!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The River Is A Risin'...

The bridge crossing over the Mississippi River

How high will it get?
Rough Waters
If I had a nickel for every time that I traveled over this bridge, I would be a very rich lady! This is what locals refer to as "The Mississippi River Bridge" even thought many bridges cross this river down stream. My parents live 15 miles away.

Last week, the Cranky Queen had to travel to Louisiana crossing this well know bridge with a heavy heart! My Daddy, Cranky Papa, had surgery...Colon cancer...removed & a colon resection. He is doing well. He is a fighter at the ripe age of 76...& on the day of his surgery, this grand old river crested at record levels...but began to drop the very next day...God is good. I'm originally from Tallulah, LA...but Vicksburg, MS is a second home to me...This is where my parents come for most of their needs.
Old Glory Keeps Flyin'
Some areas were flooded...Some were spared...
This old Railroad Depot will be restored...
...And eventually the water will recede...  
This was a little scary crossing over this section of the bridge going east from Louisiana to Mississippi!
But the soldier stood his ground, watching over the rising river... 

Vicksburg is a very historic city...the Civil War was fought on these grounds. I wish that these homes could talk...oh what a story they would tell!

Belle of the Bends
 Bed & Breakfast
The architecture on the beauties are worn like a fine pair of pearls!

Cedar Grove...A Well Know Home In Vicksburg
She too watched over the River pleading for it to not break its banks!
Pictures cannot capture the beauty of these old homes...they stand tall & proud...they have witnessed life with all of its trials and tribulations...
The fences that surround these homes are majestic, daring anyone to enter without permission!
...And for those who have never visited Vicksburg, many of the streets are paved with old brick...
Hotel Vicksburg...No song written after this one, though!
The Biedenharn Family were the first bottlers of Coca Cola & were well known for their sweet treats~
...And architecture that makes your mouth water!...
I laugh out loud every time I pass this little salon...Love the name! 
Thank ya'll for touring Vicksburg, MS with the Cranky Queen.  Please keep my sweet Daddy in your prayers.  
Keep Calm & Levees Hold Strong!
Don't Forget About the Giveaway.  See the Older Post "Something to Crow About" & Follow Instructions.  Winner Will Be Announced May 29th!

Don't Be A Chicken, Enter Today!