Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cuffology...Cuffs With Character

 Cuffs are the new bracelet...Comfortable, Cool, & Clever!  The Cranky Queen has 2 to flaunt today. The denim cuff was made by yours truly, while the vintage lace cuff was created by gal pal, Duchess Melanie!
 ABOVE:  The Cranky Queen's Cuff Creation!
The cuff is actually made w/ leftover denim scraps from a pair of tired blue jeans.  The leaves are burlap & the flower is gathered vintage fabric w/ a rolled burlap center, old lace & buttons...a key was used for some added charm!
 The wooden button & elastic lace are used as the cuff clasp.
ABOVEDuchess Melanie's Cuff Creation
Melanie loves vintage laces, buttons, tatting, crocheted pieces, etc... A romantic at heart! Her cuff created for The Queen is dainty & timeless....Using pieces of hand~made laces that are so beautiful...and the center button is amazing!
She used a large snap for the cuff closure, hidden....
  Duchess Melanie sits to my left wearing the white jacket...talented lady, but most of all, a treasured friend!


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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Queen of Crafts...And Gifts Fit For A Queen

For those that follow The Cranky Queen, they know that she really isn't that cranky (she does have her moments), hence, that is where the name originated...by who you ask?  Cranky King (hubby) & Prince Logan (son)... Now the Queen loves to wear scarves and headbands in her unruly hair..Yes, she does take her crown off sometimes & pictured above is her newest creation copied from one she saw in a boutique...
A view of the "royal" head!
 Ok, can you say dork?!?
 The rosette is made from a wool sock that shrank in the dryer; the leaves are cut from lace & the flower button for that added bling!!!
The next weekend creation is a burlap Valentine's Door Hanger for a Gal Pal 
 Close~up Details
   This was not hard to make.  Cut burlap into a heart shape.  Zigzag around edges.  Stuff with plastic bags (yes, I recycled). Paint red.  Dry. Paint pink polka dots. Dry.  Outline in white. Dry.  Paint edges white.  
I love the way it looks scalloped...
 ...and finally, royal gifts...The metal pic~nic basket above was bought for my birthday (by the Queen herself!!!)...Love the pattern & it fantastic shape...It will be used to store vintage laces & ribbons.
From Cranky King himself...This adorable doll...
Her name is "Dottie Mae"...she stole my heart!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Unique Valentine's Pillow

Love is in the air at The Cranky's Castle...and the Cranky Queen holds they key to Cranky King's heart...Check out the pillow she made!
Close~ups of the pillow...Don't you love the key???

  How did the Cranky Queen make this pillow, do you ask?
Step 1:  Cut out 2 pieces of red ticking fabric to your desired size.
Step 2:  Cut out a large & small heart from red & gray fabric.
Step 3:  Cut out the wings using pinking sheers from muslin.
Step 4:  Type the pillow words using desired program on your computer.
Step 5:  Spray card stock with adhesive spray & smooth muslin fabric onto sticky card stock. Trim to fit 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.
Step 6:  Print on the fabric.  I had no problem with smears or printer jams. Allow to dry. Cut out individual words.
Step 7:  Following directions, iron on cut out hearts, wings and words onto heavy duty Wonder Under transfer webbing.  
Step 8:  Peel off backing & iron on to right side of fabric (wings, red heart, gray heart then words)
NOTE~Iron wings & stitch around the edge with your sewing machine; Iron red heart & stitch around edges; continue with other pieces.
Step 9:  With right sides together, sew pillow together leaving a space to stuff with poly-fill. 
Step 10:  Stuff pillow.  Then hand stitch stuffing hole.
Step 11: Attach key by hand sewing.  Add ribbon or lace for finishing touch!


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Saturday, January 19, 2013

"OWL" You Need Is Some Scraps!

The Cranky Queen is "a wise old owl", especially since she just celebrated another birthday (she refers to them as "youthdays")...Her 40-something birthday resolution is LOVE "HOO" U ARE!
...so the Queen has been on "the owl prowl" for cute ideas using the wise old bird...and because she "gives a hoot" about recycling, her first owl project is an owl kitchen towel using scraps from her studio...

The actual towel is made from a yellow & white gingham pillow case that was purchased @ a thrift store (cut & sewn to size).  The owl body is vintage fabric snagged at a yard sale, old & new buttons collected over the years, ric rac trim & ribbon from previous projects. 

"Owl" You Need Is Love...another wonderful quote to live by...
Owls are no longer just for Halloween. 
Above postcard compliments of Graphics Fairy

  Hope you enjoyed my Scrappy Old Hoot Owl Dish~Kitchen Towel.


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It All Comes Out In The Wash!

Have you ever heard the sayings "It all comes out in the wash!" or "Don't air your dirty laundry"?  Well, growing up in the South, these quotes were heard regularly...And since The Cranky Queen has been on a "laundry room pinning and blogging frenzy", she decided to make a new piece of art representing that  dialect representing the gossip in sleepy small towns...

First, I recycled a previously~painted canvas by modge podging torn pages from an old book that had seen better days.  The clothes line was made from old string....
A little netting over the cloud & sun added texture
Then, I started cutting pieces of clothing made from denim & vintage scraps of fabric   
I even managed to find a chapter about Southern living...
So take these words of advice from this Southern gal (even though I am Royalty), "whatever you may do in life...it all comes out in the wash!"


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Laundry Room Crafts

Who said Laundry Rooms had to be the "plain jane" room of the home?  The Cranky Queen has been doing lots of pinning on Pinterest since she has been recovering from the BIG 'H' surgery & she is finding all sorts of copycat crafts...starting with the Laundry Room.  Above is a one of many that she made for her gal pal's Christmas gifts...It is a jar for all that loose change that you find in the pockets of pants when doing the laundry!

Above is the one she used as her guide from Burton Avenue Blog.
 Next, is the most functional sign that the Queen has seen for a laundry room. The name is sooo cute! "Sole" like a sole of a foot or shoe!
Just a little wire & clothespins
 Close~ups of the lettering  
Above is my version of the Missing Sock Clothes Line. 
 This is the sign that I pinned from de Hong Dream House
So if you like Pinterest, & you have time to browse, check out The Cranky Queen's Board titled "LAUNDRY"...lots of cute ideas!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Changes Are Natural...Buffet Decor

As the new year blows in, so does change...The Cranky Queen thought it was time for a change in her typical buffet decor.  After browsing blogs, Pinterest & flipping through what seemed like hundreds of magazines, she decided on "a nature's theme."  She really wanted to use items that she already had~so a "hunting she went" in her royal abode!
She started with an old mirror, scalloped metal tray & her imagination!
Her wintery buffet vignette included deer antlers, a turtle shell, bird nests, feathers, dried hydrangeas, vintage  wildlife postcards & an original painting by a talented friend, Terri Ellis.
The barley twist candlesticks were found for $2/pair at a Thrift Shop in Herman, MO.

Small wrought iron urns, an old book, metal fleur de lis & a mercury glass ornament added texture to the display...