Friday, April 26, 2013

Gals on the Hunt for Junk!!!

Did someone say road trip???  Scott's Antique Market???  Antiques???? Junk??? Treasures??? That is all it took for The Cranky Queen and her royal court to jump in the truck & head on over to
 Atlanta, GA a few weekends ago!  What a fun market...

Almost purchased this pink retro stool...but did not really have the "perfect" place to put it...really liking the RETRO look!
 Fabulous bench, but the Queen's purse did not contain adequate coins for this beauty!
 Window & doors galore!  Salvage Heaven...
 I am in love with old mannequins...this one was $75~
These bikes bring back so many memories...The Queen had a bike similar to the yellow one above. Isn't the banana floral seat sooooo COOL?!?
Loved these 3 seats as well! Is the Cranky Queen loving Retro now?  
 Always time to take a break from shopping for homemade donuts~ YUMMY
 Four little Frozen Charlotte's sitting in a row...
they all fell down & have major "bo-bo's"! 
I just love these porcelain dolls dug from 
old doll factory grounds in Germany...
 If the crown fits....wear it!
This was an awesome display constructed of old metal fencing, a art deco chandelier & a Large metal piece that looked like it came from a piece of farming equipment...Love the rustic, but feminine look of it!
 Adorable display! The Queen has 2 mannequins, but may be adding more to her collection. Love this black table~top one with the orange skirt...
Rustic Display...love it!
 We celebrated Duchess Melanie's Birthday while we were on our Road Trip. This is the mirror that The Cranky Queen & Baroness Tammy purchased for her as a Happy Birthday Gift!  This vendor was sooooo sweet to pose for a pic!
Gals on the hunt for junk weekend...We like our junk a little on the trashy side!


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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Revival Of The Vintage Marketplace

 The Cranky Queen & 2 of her royal travel companions, Duchess Melanie & Baroness Tammy, attended The Revival Of The Vintage Marketplace held at The Goat Farm in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend.

The displays were amazing & gave us so many ideas...
Cute idea to display vintage hankies & scarves in an old suitcase
(Shown Above) Baroness Tammy is soooo sweet! She bought us pins made from old keys & vintage jewelry as "Trip Happies"...
Duchess Mel "posed for a party pic" with these fun vendors!
Adored this tablescape!
Lampshade Love!
Fun way to use this old toolbox as a planter...

 Inspirations For Future Projects
These 2 artists are some of the Cranky Queen's favorite artists, Erickson Wright (cow painting) & Kathleen Taylor (bird & monk painting).
 Rustic crosses with an array of architectural pieces attached to them!
 The Goat Farm architect was amazing...one minute you were in downtown Atlanta...the next you were in this time forgotten farm area with gravel paths, brick buildings, rustic beams & lets not forget the goat!
The furnishing in this "workshop" room was "to die for"
unusual & creative architectural art
So we ate (See Above Good Food Truck)...
we enjoyed this beautiful, warm & sunny day...
we shared treasured friendship...
we "tried on" the merchandise...
we visited with the lovely vendors
...and we shopped & bought the things we love!
So at the end of the trip, we had lived & laughed & loved, & of course JUNKED!


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Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Mother of Junk Stores!

Cranky Em & Cranky Caroyln came to visit from Louisiana. Em is my Mother & Carolyn is my Aunt.  Because the Queen is soooo generous when it comes to junkin', she decided to share one of her frequent junkin' spots.  J & J Junk located in Westover, AL. The "Mother" of junk stores!
Mother & Carolyn were astounded at all of the stuff!
It would literally take hours to see all of the items!
Frames Anyone?
Kitchen items from every era!
Got Clothes???
Pillows of All Shapes & Sizes...
Em found a concrete pelican~it is the LA state bird!
Too many choices!?!
Happy~Not Cranky~with their purchases!
From L to R: Aunt Carolyn, Mother Emily Ruth & Me
~A trip to remember~