Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wilderness Ornaments

 The Redbird Ornament Made By the Queen

For all of you that may not know...the South is known for their Lady's Garden Clubs.  These clubs have been around for years and years...women getting together to talk about floral arranging, gardening, proper pruning, fertilizing & pest control, decorating...and the list goes on and on...Well, The Cranky Queen is a member of the Camellia Garden Club.
Our "garden club" is different from others because we are not much "into gardening"! LOL...we are more "into the socializing".  Now, we do have speakers or visit gardens & nurseries (even wineries)...& we each take turns hostessing each month, serving wonderful desserts & such...but to say we were "Master Gardeners" would be a flat out lie!
November was the Cranky Queen's month to hostess & as usual, all the ladies wanted me to present a DIY craft.  So because I was feeling less cranky that day, I agreed to give a tutorial on creating Christmas ornaments using pine cones. See the ladies diligently crafting away!
These ladies are just waiting to add ribbon to their ornaments.
Our Garden Club President chose to this "little quail" for her ornament. Didn't it turn out cute?
These are some of the members of the Camellia Garden Club posing with their finished ornaments. 
We had a great time crafting & gossiping (oh, I mean visiting!)
 Other ornament ideas that I found using pine cones.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Time For Thanksgiving!

Can you believe that it is almost Thanksgiving!  I guess time flies when you are having fun!  Pictured above is my "Time Flies" pumpkin that I made using an old mens's suits & vintage buttons.  The stalk is a stick from a branch.  I tucked a 1980's watch with an old cutter doily in the pocket.
This pumpkin was the very first one that I made last year from burlap.  I used an upholstery fabric scrap from my bedroom pillows to complete the ruffle and leaves. Faux berries & a vintage owl broach surround the branch stalk. Not bad for the Queen's first attempt @ pumpkin making~
How does this quilt pumpkin "weigh in"? I made it from a cutter quilt.
Burlap leaves, buttons, & gold ribbon complete this oldie but goodie~
Finally, this little guy was made by my gal pal, Dutchess Melanie, from a vintage orange chenille bedspread.  The leaves are made from the backing of a cutter quilt. She used jute to form the pumpkin shape.

The Cranky Queen & Her Royal Family wish all of my blog friends a  
Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Queen's Purse Necklace

As you all know, the Cranky Queen must have a purse to carry her royal fortune in , & placing it in her pocket would just not be "queen~like"...So, what is the queen to do?  Make one...stashing it close to her bosom where no lady or gent would dare think to look or by no means...touch!
I have been seeing all of this amazing re-purposed jewelry on blogs, in antique shops & at antique show/markets. I decided to re-create a vintage coin purse necklace using my own twist on the style!
I searched & searched for these adorable vintage change purses.  They are getting very hard to find.  I found two...(one black fabric & this brown leather one pictured above (it is a double change coin holder!)
As you can see, the Cranky Queen had not placed any of her royal coinage in the purse! She must hide some things from Cranky King!
I found a suitable chain that I salvaged from one of my junkin' sprees.
I even attached a vintage clasp taken from a less attractive chain necklace.

I hand sewed vintage gold buttons on the front of the purse. My fingers were sore after doing that task & then attached an old key for some dangle!
Don't you just love it!  A purse fit for a Queen...even a Cranky one~
 My inspiration came from these seen at the CL Market.
Speaking of re-purposed jewelry. Check out Gypsy Brocante   
You will love her bling!
...& The Gypsy Fish Journal has some incredible salvaged jewelry creations.
Oh, I cannot forget my blog gal pal, Nancy, AKA Sassy Trash
with her wonderful change purse necklaces.
I hope you liked my quick "toot" on the coin purse necklace.  I plan on making another one using the black purse very soon...Just remember, 
"a gals gotta have a place for her stash!"

Monday, November 07, 2011

The Crown Pillow Made By the Queen!

OK, go ahead & curtsey to the Cranky Queen. Yes, I am "tootin'" my own trumpet! I made this feed sack pillow with my own sewing machine!
This was the inspiration pillow that Dutchess Melanie & I found during our trip to the Country Living Fair in Georgia. The price was $45!  I may be the Queen, but I am a frugal queen (except when I am spending the Cranky King's Royal Funds!) Mel whispered to me "you can make that!" So began the search for the feed sack bearing the royal crown.
 So I purchased the old feed sack off of EBAY for less than $10!
The sack was similar except a little darker in color & less stained!
My plan is to surround it by similar feed sack & ticking pillows on an old white iron baby bed~turned lounger.  Cranky King has his work cut out for him (I have not told him about the baby bed transformation yet!)
Time for my nap! Maybe I will use my crown pillow to rest my head on!


Friday, November 04, 2011

The Queen's Love of Vintage Turkeys...Being Thankful for the Pilgrims & So Much More!

The Cranky Queen is a thankful lady...As she has grown older (and much wiser), she has learned that one should be thankful everyday...take nothing for granted. God, Freedom, Family, Friends.
Her love for turkeys started many years ago when her Nannie would place the turkey S&P shakers on the table for Thanksgiving dinner.
...and the collection started after she became an adult.  The orange wax candles were actually Nannie's... And the collection grew...& grew.
In the center of the dining room table, a collection of turkey S&P shakers surround horns of plenty, Fall leaves & an array of pumpkins and gourds.
All year, as I junk & antique, I'm always on the "look out" for vintage turkeys...the fun is in the search for the unique and one-of-a-kind...
 The turkey on the right is actually a napkin holder!
This platter was snagged for $2! Chips and a little crazing just show their past & makes me thankful of this bird that our country was founded upon.
 My dear friend Wanda saved this flock of unusual turkeys from an estate sale & gave them to me as a gift for helping her decorate her shop during the Fall season.
I also love these old postcards.  You can still snag these in shops for reasonable prices.  A flower frog poses as a display stand. Gobble~
This little planter is named after my son..."Little Logan"...aren't his freckles cute! If you become a follower of The Cranky Queen, you will see many "Little Logan's" in my collection, especially at Christmas.  My gal pals even search for various "Little Logan's" during their junking sprees! I am thankful for good friends & my son, Logan! Cranky King too...
Cranky Prince Logan's turkey hand print...many of these are scattered throughout the palace. These are my most "priceless" of all turkeys!
...and the old wax candles...how do they make it through the years without melting in a hot attics or burned as candles during the holidays???

Blue?!?  That's right...the Queen loves blue & has managed to find blue pilgrims & turkeys throughout the years! The navy & cream turkey planter is one of my oldest pieces.

Speaking of being thankful. Our adopted dog, Sassy, was featured on the blog From Alone to Home. Meet Kate & her stories of rescued pets.