Thursday, July 04, 2013

I'm Proud To Be An American!

Dixie Belle, Sassafras & Ruby Fawn celebrating the 4th!
Happy Independence Day! We are so blessed to be born in the great United States of America...and even though our country is going through a lot of "stuff" (The Cranky Queen will not talk politics on her blog), I know that IN GOD WE TRUST will get us back on the right track!
Above is a little "Star Spangle Banner" vignette 
to brighten up our gloomy Alabama weather
My fav is the elephant (hint~hint)
The crazed pitcher depicting a ship has been around for a long time.   I am not sure where I found this piece when living in Oklahoma, but I know I have had it for at least 20 years. I have always loved Americana collectibles...

An old Grapico soda bottle serves as a vase for flags

The little sailor girl says a prayer of American thanks 
Below are the pics leading up to The Steers' Annual July 4th Pup Pic...
Pic 1: Sassy & Ruby (in wagon) were not quite cooperating!
Pic 2: Our Grand Dog, Sadie, would not sit still for the "group pic"
Pic 3: D.B. decided to howl a little & look like she would chew your leg off
Pic 4: Ok, everyone gets a treat it they all look at the camera all at once!
Pic 5: Finally...the 2013 Annual Steers' Pup Pic

Last Year's July 4th Pup Pic

The Cranky Queen has been "MIA" for awhile...
I hope to start blogging more often...