Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Unbelievable Cafe Experience...The Decor Left Me Salivating and Hungry for More!

Cranky Queen & Cranky King had the honor of an "appetizing experience" in the cutest cafe in the South (pretty sure no other eating establishment can even compete with the vintage decor of this place).
 The Cahoot's Cafe located in Hartselle, AL has hands down the most "stuff" under one roof, and what an awesome dining experience. You can hardly eat, for looking at all of the very cool decor!
 Pictures really do not "do this little cafe justice"!
Stuff Everywhere...
 The cafe is housed in a historic building right in the middle of downtown!
 Every type of collectible you could ever imagine.  Grouped into themes...

 Are YOU feeling it yet???
 Cranky King had a hard time making a decision on lunch.  Finally he ordered a Reuben sandwich with homeade potato salad.
 Looking from the balcony. This place goes on and on and on....

 I was amazed that this placed housed every type of retro table imaginable!
The Cranky Queen enjoyed a salad & amazing eggplant Parmesan.

 Check out this glass top table!
Just one of the many chandeliers hanging in this cafe
 There were taxidermy animals...

 Cool children old cars & street signs....
 More RETRO....
 Guys Restroom
 Gals Restroom
 Remember these old televisions???
 ...with matching sofas...
These are the antique doors leading into Cahoot's Cafe!
Left Cranky King (not so cranky)!!!

If you are ever in these "neck of the woods", go visit Rhonda Morris, owner, of Cahoots & have a delicious meal while stepping back in time.  She told us she has collected for over 20 years.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Little Birdie Told Me

The Cranky Queen just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Weekend and share her "nesting instincts" for the day...
She adores anything with nests, birds or feathers!
 This vignette is "perched" in the middle of my breakfast room table.  The painting is by a good gal pal of mine, Terri Ellis.  Check her out on Etsy "A Drop In the Bucket".  I love the aqua vintage bottle with feathers peeking out & the nest graphic copied from Graphics Fairy inserted in a tiny, metal flower frog.  The nest adds texture & color...
The concrete bird fits perfectly inside the glass cloche.  Notice the cloche's knob is a glass bird also!  Both gifts from my gal pals!  The Cranky Queen has "spring fever" & hopes that this little grouping, nestled on a decorative tray under a vintage hand~stitched bird runner, helps to convince Mother Nature to welcome  a nice spring~like weekend...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

No More Dishwashing Blues!

The Cranky Queen recycled "thrift store" finds to make a fun and bright dishtowel!
 For 25 cents, I found 4 polka dot stained cloth napkins. I cut out the bad areas&combined the polka dots w/ fabric from a yellow&white pillowcase. Another thrift store find for 50 cents/pair! 
 With a little creativity, I chose bright colors from vintage fabrics that I have collected during my outings....Casually sewed 3 layers of flower cut~outs and added a button for the center...more of the same old cloth napkin fabric for the leaf.  The final touch...red ball fringe!
This dishtowel will cheer up any kitchen & chase away the dishwater blues!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Gift of Thrift!

This is the final post of our Tennessee Tromp...Day 3~THRIFT DAY~ The Cranky Queen & Duchess Melanie awoke to "crummy" weather (& that is saying it lady-like). But for all you dedicated junkers out there, a little stormy, cold weather is not gonna stop us! We "break" for JUNK!!!
Duchess Melanie had her umbrella to shield her from the rain

The Cranky Queen also had her royal parasol
Believe it or not, IT WAS OUR LUCKY DAY!  The 1st Saturday of the month is HALF PRICE DAY at all Goodwill Stores.  So we "got down with the crowds" & had a fun time sifting thru all the junk...
(excuse me, reusable items~LOL)
 And this is what we saw...Mel had to fight for a shopping cart & we took turns standing in line to go look~But we chatted with lots of people...I was in "cognito" with no one knowing my royal status!

This nice cashier laughed at us "cutting up" in the check out line~She said "Y'all women are crazy!"  Hey, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  (even in an overcrowded thrift store)

Look what the Queen "modeled" for all the shoppers~ Crown sunglasses...1/2 off for $1!
 This was another thrift store that we scouted out in Cullman, AL...
 So, we were "cowgals" while visiting the grand old state of TN...had a rowdy time & came home with some treasures... YEEHAW!
Couldn't resist taking a snapshot of this picture!