Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 Follower Giveaway...Much Less Cranky!

I am so excited!  My follower list has passed 100!  I love all of my blog friends that have chosen to follow The Cranky Queen...Ya'll have made the Queen a little less cranky!  So, I have decided to have a giveaway to celebrate this "royal occasion."  The rules are easy.
#1. Become a follower or tell me if you are already a follower.
#2. Comment under this post & include your email address. (Your one comment can include #1 & #2)
#3. Ask one of your blog friends to visit me & if they so choose, they can follow, & have them tell me who invited them (when they comment.)

It's easy as One, Two, Three!    Okay, let's get to the prizes...
Hey, the Queen is all about prizes! In honor of the Easter Season, all the prizes are "Easter themed."

This cute little Easter peat pot nest made by The Cranky Queen
A Doo Darling for your garden...the Queen loves her bouquet of flowers!

This sweet vintage puzzle with the little girl dressed in her "Easter Best."

While I have your attention, I had to share what I found on the side of the street in a trash pile yesterday. I made Mr. Cranky stop the car, & I jumped out to scavenge through the "curb side discards."  He began honking the horn, but that did not deter the Queen...I just kept digging until I had loaded up all the treasures!
These precious jigsaw puzzles with the pieces included.  Look at those angelic faces.
Vintage Girl Scout Book

I love this puzzle container...59 cents!

Old books...always good for display or for craft projects

Don't you love this groovy book cover?  This will be "cool" for a re-purposing project!
Well, the Queen has "commanded" her wishes for the Giveaway...A winner will be announced next Sunday,   April 10th.  Good Luck to all...Keep Calm & Keep Junkin'!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The "Recycled" Nest

"If I were a bird,
I'd sing a song & fly about
the whole day long...
And when the night comes,
go to rest, up in my cozy 
little nest."  Jackie Silberg

Bird nests make me smile. I have used nests in decorating even before they became popular... I have no specific "requirements" for choosing these nest...I have different shapes & sizes, egg colors vary & some are made from unique materials such as metal, wire & woven paper.  I have also collected some really wonderful nest paintings by many talented artist. Visitors can find them  "perched" on easels, enclosed in cloches or just "hanging out" on the wall .  No wonder when the Country Living Magazine's April 2011 edition "Idea Notebook" gave a DIY tutorial on making papier mach'e nests, I "flew" right to it!
 As usual, I did "sway" from the directions a tidbit. I used Modge Podge instead of glue & I liked the results because it made a stiffer nest.
I used recycled brown shredded paper that was in a gift basket given to us during the holidays. I allowed it to dry longer than the 12 hours (probably more like 24 hours...) I sat it on the dryer to dry.
I sat the nest in a silver plated dish found at the thrift store.

  I added live dogwood blooms, lace & a feather for texture.    

 Oh, and the eggs...they were so much fun to make! Now I do have to tell you that it is a little messy.  Not a project you can stop and answer the phone or fold laundry...I found that tearing your paper into small pieces helps to limit wrinkles...and have enough pieces of hymnal or book pages torn before you start, (so that you don't have to stop, wash your hands with soap, tear more pages, re-apply Modge Podge, etc.)

Don't you love the dictionary egg with the owl. What a "hoot"!
I added vintage crocheted lace to this egg.
I used several different papers for this egg & covered it with cheese cloth & finished if off with lace & a button
Did Someone Say Eggs?  I Smell Eggs!  
I hope you have a wonderful week, & I will be linking this project to several blogs that are featured on my sidebar.  You should check them out. Remember the "early bird" gets the worm!
Keep Calm & Keep Craftin'! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Timeless Easter Charm

Celebrating Easter takes me back to my past & down memory lane.  I think back on those sweet memories, & remember dying eggs with my Mamma in our kitchen carefully dipping the egg into the dye & placing it in the punched-out hole of the egg-dye box.  I remember Easter egg hunts with my cousins and neighbors.  I remember a new Sunday outfit with patent leather Mary Janes & my parents dressed in their Sunday's finest.  I remember Easter lunch at my Nannie & Papaw's on the Brushy Bayou.   So it doesn't surprise me that when I begin decorating for Easter, there are no new shiny ceramic bunnies or decorator eggs. 
All the vintage bunnies displayed in an old drawer peeling & cracked from age

This little paper mache' bunny has seen better Easters with his torn and repaired ear...but he is one of my favorites!
The blue paper mache' rabbit & the 1960's plastic yellow candy holder bunny are both "treasures" found when out on a junkin' spree.

I adopted this stuffed bunny from a thrift store. His cloth tag is stitched "Japan."

         Chalk chick was 10 cents a a yard sale. Chirp!Cheap Chirp!

Aged cotton "powder puff tail" dingy from the years is near & dear to my heart.

Can you tell I have a weak spot for these old bunnies ???

Bunny display using the old bird cage as a "rabbit cage" 

I never pass up a bunny planter if the price is right!

Don't you just love the little peep trying to squeeze thru the cage!
 This rabbit oil painting is an amateur, "Sunday Afternoon Painting" but I keep it out all year long, because I love it so.  I see little rabbits hopping around in my back yard daily that looks just like the one pictured...
This old book was Mr. Cranky's when he was a little guy!


I have even started adding ducks to my Easter collection.
The eggs are vintage German candy containers. QUACK!

This is my favorite Easter Postcard!
My Mamma gave this to me last Easter as a "happy".
It's not old, but it looks "aged"...

This Annalee lamb was found in the bottom of an old box at an Estate Sale in Birmingham, AL.  Each Annalee is dated on the tag... This one is dated 1991.       

Logan got this in his Easter basket when he was 2 years old!
My "Little Logan" at 5 months old with a bunny on his back.  Where does the time go?  
Well, I hope that you enjoyed my tour of  my time-worn Easter decor.  I pray that all of you will have a blessed Easter...and remember, the stone was rolled back & JESUS LIVES! 
The Cranky Queen...Stay Calm & Keep Junkin'