Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Pose for the Camera...

"Say Cheese...Smile for the Camera...Tilt Your Head A Little to the Side..." Typical photo studio jargon. But today everything is so "techy" that film is no longer used & everything is stored on a disk or memory card.
What happen to the old cameras & snapshots from the past? Vintage cameras & photos have become new collectibles, & all the labor intensive equipment used to develop these images are beginning to be found & used in ways that you would never expect.
Today, I am bringing back the past by using vintage wooden plate film holders as the "focus" of my craft.

                            Don't Hate Me Because I Am A Snob!
This is the "comical" mixed media craft that I made using an old wood plate film holder.  I just adore the lady with her fur coat, gloves & hat.  She looked so fashionable for the era, but at the same time, a "little snobby". The quote fits her perfect.  I used modge podge to attach the torn photo & old post card image.  I glued the fur from a discarded coat's sleeve, old lace & a brooch at the bottom of the plate.  At the top, I chose an old plastic buckle, a mismatched earring, & lavender silk ribbon. The plate already had the wire hanger thingy. You can find wooden & glass film holder plates on Ebay.

                                      Who's Your Bunny?
My gal pal, Melanie, decided to get a "jump-start" on Easter by crafting an adorable plate using a vintage picture with 2 bunnies & a kitty.  She cut a small piece of muslin that she raveled & glued to the plate, followed by modge podge to the little photo.  A tuft of white rabbit fur, an old button, & cotton "ruler" ribbon finished out her project. Don't you love the saying?  She will use a little aisle to hold her new creation.

                 My craft partner and junkin' gal pal, Melanie.  Say Cheese!!!!


  1. In all of my shopping, I've never seen those wooden plate film holders. I love what you created out of them. The collages are beautiful!

  2. Mixed media art looks like so much fun. I need to give it a try sometime. Both of these projects are very creative! You should join my linky party tonight with this post.

    Thanks for entering my CSN giveaway. By the way, I just joined you as a follower.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  3. Wonderful!! I sure do hate that I had to miss that craft night, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with mine. Still don't -- except to copy y'all's. Kinda considering meeting with y'all tonight, but Oreo won't let me out of her sight. Thanks again, my sweet friend.

  4. Had so much fun making those didn't we! What will we do when all the great photo plates are gone? Wanda better get busy looking for the next great thing...had a great time again tonite! Looking forward to the next time..Melanie

  5. What a neat and creative vintage showing for today.

  6. OH MY--I adore what you did with these film holders. I bet they are hard to come by. I love the snobby lady- the plastic buckle is really cool. The bunnie one is just toooooo cute! What fun projects.
    Happy VTT

  7. What adorable designs! I wanted to drop in and welcome you to the blog block, it is nice to have a new neighbor. I hope you are enjoying a cozy day!

  8. Those are both so darn cute. Very creative of you.

  9. Hi tiffany, thanks for stopping by love the blog. lauri