Thursday, July 07, 2011

Southern Gardener Rule #10: When All Flowers Fail From The Heat-Plant Succulents!

The Cranky Queen has learned that the southern sun in Alabama can be "deadly" to even the most heat tolerant of bloomers...Your garden and potted plants look beautiful in the Spring, making your chest swell with pride, then June & July roll around and UGH!, your flowering pride is deflated...Hot air at that!  BUT, there is hope for those who live in the hot, humid South! Succulents. Above is one of the Queen's little pots of various types of "heat lovers"...the little snail is an Alabama Clay Ceramic.
This pot has weathered thru harsh cold winters & unbearable HOT summers for years! The little squirrel and old rusty shovel add a little "drama" to the pot.
Don't you love the silvery texture of this pearl-like succulent? The vintage concrete bird with nest & babies is one of my favs!
Easy to find at any local Garden or Hardware store, this succulent will grow in the ground or in a pot and is a perennial for some areas. Here it is planted in a grapevine basket that hangs by my side entrance.
Master Gardeners say to mix your succulents, so the Queen did just that. Look at the little porcupine peeking up from its potted home. A vintage orange hand shovel adds color. Water only when soil becomes dry.
I have to introduce you to my gal pal, Melanie.  She is the expert on succulents.  She has grown all types of succulents & even remembers all of their names!  She has probably one of the best collections of succulents this side of the Mississippi River.  So I wanted to share her collection & unique ways of planting them. She says the container makes the pot!

This is a grouping of various succulents planted in old enamelware, rusty pots & strainers

I love this blue swirl enamel pan & Mel searches for these old stands when we are out junkin' & thriftin' at yard sales.   
This rickety old chair with an angel peeking out serves as a perfect place to plant succulents.
Old enamelware (especially strainers) make the perfect containers

This green swirl enamel pot is perfect for any garden
Watering cans are not just for holding water these days. Check out the old rusty cup!
This warty little toad finds a perch on the side of this concrete container filled with a variety of succulents.
This tool chest filled with a wonderful variety of goodies was given to Mel for her @#!? Birthday by our dear friend Shannon.  Look closely at all the "trinkets" amongst the succulents. 
An old oil can, oil funnel, finial, rusty gear & old glass insulator. 
Succulents grouped in a garden setting makes an awesome impact!
Succulents can also be planted inside. I love this idea using old silver dishes & trays.
Well, I hope that you have gotten some fun ideas for "sprucing up" your garden when the HEAT takes over! Also, remember that most succulents can be weathered indoors in the winter. The keys to growing hardy succulents are good drainage,  not overH20ing, & sun!
Ruby Fawn says "It is HOT as my native land~Mexico! Where is my sombrero to block the sun?


  1. Hi Tiff! Great ideas for succulents! I love putting them in the silver stuff, too! That's so cool you are coming to Bella Rustica Barn sale in Sept!! Stay Trashy!

  2. Tiff, these pics are gorgeous! What a great idea. I really should plant some on my back porch. I love the containers used. Great pic of you and Mel too!

  3. Tiffany, I love succulents and have a few myself...and this heat here in Alabama has been AWFUL this year!! My poor ferns!! And my hosta! Ugh!!

    Stay cool!

    Lou Cinda

  4. Now those are some incredibly AWESOME plantings!! Love all of them - but those in the old enamel bowls and containers make me drool....I use lots of old enamelware - and kettles, and watering cans, etc. for all my plants - unfortunately, succulents don't care for the climate here in Nod much....Go figure....Sure enjoyed seeing yours and Mel's (and I adore those sweet little shovels you tuck in your plants....Gotta find me some of those!!) Have a beautiful, blissful, Thursday My Queen!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Great idea....great look! Thanks, Tiff!!!

  6. I don't know how you managed to make some of those pots look so decent!!...the drought and heat was already taking their toll when you got those shots....but thanks for sharing them. Your collection rivals mine these days and definitely look better!! Thanks friend!! Melanie

  7. Прекрасни композиции,обичам сукуленти!Поздрави!!!

  8. Thanks for the great ideals, and what a cutie Ruby Fawn is! Thanks for stopping by... i always enjoy your visits!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  9. Wow! I love all your planters and accessories; such cute and clever ideas. I should give succulents a try, we get pretty darn hot here in the valley during the summer and my flowers have seen better days. Thanks for the great ideas. I couldn't help notice your cute fork necklace:-)

  10. Hi, how is the Cranky Queen doing? Not too cranky I hope. Hee-hee. It's only in the 80's here so flowers are still striving, but I still plant succulants. Like your friend, I fill alot of metal items with them. They tend to get very hot, but they don't mind. I like mixing them also. Yours looked great. All of your little extras made them very cute. It made me smile when I saw your mushroom. I have one planted in a watering can with two mushroom picks. Great minds think alike. Enjoy!

  11. Oh,all your succulents look fantastic! I love all the different kinds mixed together and the different planters! Just beautiful! thank yo for joining TTF and have a great day!

  12. I love the planting of succulentns. It happens to be my new favorite. After things settle here in Cali. I plan on going to Rogers Garden and picking up a few to update my beach house. I have been collecting old containers to use. Thanks for sharing. Bev @ the Willows

  13. A wonderful post and fantastic pictures. I'm ashamed to say I haven't planted anything in the garden this year. Here in AR it went from cold to hot. I will remember to start looking for some containers and plant succulents. I'm a new follower.

  14. Your pots are lovely! And great advice, which I may have to follow as we have had over 100 heat here in Oklahoma for over a month! Thanks for visiting me...

  15. I love love love succulents and yours look great Tiffany! I vowed to myself that I would pot more succulents this year and thank God I did, because even the most heat tolerant of flowers are starting to look really icky...I'll have to take some pics of mine and share too!

  16. your garden looks great with all the succulents. I guess we all have to adjust to the weather, as there isn't a whole lot we can do about it. 8-)

    Found you through the over 40 blog hop. Would love to have you visit back.


  17. Love the cactus garden! I am now following you from the hop and I would love a follow back over at http://mizzreviewlady-mommyreviews.blogspot.com/
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  18. Hi! What a great idea. I probably would not have thought to plant a succulent garden. Beautiful pics! I am a new follower from Follow Friday hop! So glad I found your blog! Please stop by http://aboutamom.com to say hi & return follow! :)

  19. Love succulents !!! You can never have too many.