Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gals From Town Getting Down & Dirty On The Farm... Junkin' Gone Country!

A couple of weeks ago, the Cranky Queen & one of her "junkin' gal pals", Melanie, headed out on a journey to junk.  Needless to say, we never thought that we would have ended up in the middle of nowhere digging thru a barn in the country...& when the Queen says digging, I mean climbing over items, brushing spider webs away, & giving orders to the young guy who had inherited all of the land & barn to help with hauling it all to the truck.  The barn was actually home to horse stables & chicken coops that had long been forgotten. One old man drove up & was amazed at what we were buying... he even called us the "Junkin' Sisters"!
 This is just the beginning of the loading...
This is the young guy who thought we were crazy for wanting any of this old, dusty, crusty, rusty stuff! Cranky King's only criteria for us borrowing his new, red truck was to NOT scratch his back seats...
Filthy dirty & sweating, we were smiling like "kids in a candy store" after this haul.  With the backseat & bed of the truck packed, we only spent a total of $100! These "town gals" love the country!
This is one of the end tables that I snagged for $2.  I cleaned it up and "performed my magic" on the re~do!
It sold the next day at my booth in the Pickle Patch Market! 
Melanie painted & glazed these little end tables that she bargained for...I believe she paid $5 for the set! They are waiting for a buyer in her antique booth now!
This table had been sitting in the mud under the eave of the barn. It was so dirty and painted black!  Was not sure that the top was enamel until I got it home & began stripping it.  I call it the "Picasso" table, because I left various coats of paint to show thru...I bet this little table had been painted about 10 times!
Mel found this under a pile of stuff in the barn...it cleaned up nicely!
This was my "steal of the day"...and guess what??? It sold today. I loved the retro look and it was in great condition.
So a visit to the country proved to be just what us 2 "Gals from Town" needed!  Next time, I will wear my overalls!



  1. I am so, so, green right now Your Highness - and it's not a very chic shade I'm afraid! Yikes...I LIVE in the country and have never, ever, stumbled upon a "picking" opportunity like this (or like anything actually....seems like the opportunity at all has never presented itself!) Those are some awesome goodies...and a heck of a price - barely a royal tariff I dare say! Hope the Cranky King's coach came out unscathed!! Happy Tomorrow! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. That stuff is so awesome! I wish I could have come along for the ride!!! American Pickers is on TV over here in Australia, and we love it! You guys have such great junk!!! Happy weekend! X

  3. Looks like my kind of day!!!
    Love how you re-did everything and can't believe you stripped that table....so much work! I am impressed! I paint all the time for my little antique booth but have yet to strip anything.
    Love your photos.
    You too look like you found the rainbow's end.
    Good times!

  4. I am so jealous. That is the best kinda of junking.

  5. Dream junking. Following your blog now just to see what you find next ! I am linking you on my blog under Booths, Fleas..

    Hope you drop over to visit.

    - Joy

  6. well... I almost followed.... keep getting Parent Directory. Will try another day.
    - Joy

  7. Love your last blog, ooooh I wish I was there. We have boot sales here in the UK...not the same as a barn sale but still good for a rumage! Have found some true gems. Just doing up my pink cottage and looking for lots of inspiration. Also looking forward to keeping up to date with your posts. I am new to blogging and have no followers yet so if you fancy a vist I would appreciate the chat.
    Thanks Debbiex

  8. Wow that is a lot of treasures. I think it is more fun to buy JUNK and fix it the way you want it, than to buy something already done.

  9. What lovely gems. How fun that you have a friend to go junkin with. Can't wait to see what you score next time!

  10. You junkin gals had loads of fun it seems!Those tables are awesome!

  11. I LOVE the cooler chest and the "Picasso" table. I'd be honnored to have you link these these beauties up over at Club G.W. tomorrow! Party will be open by early evening CST. Can't wait to see you there!

    And congrats on the finds, Junk Sister, I'm jealous!


  12. Congrats on all your great finds (and for selling some of them so quickly!). I live out in the country and the junkin' out here is always incredible -- glad you had so much luck. Hope the seats didn't get scratched! ;-)