Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Queen's Purse Necklace

As you all know, the Cranky Queen must have a purse to carry her royal fortune in , & placing it in her pocket would just not be "queen~like"...So, what is the queen to do?  Make one...stashing it close to her bosom where no lady or gent would dare think to look or by no means...touch!
I have been seeing all of this amazing re-purposed jewelry on blogs, in antique shops & at antique show/markets. I decided to re-create a vintage coin purse necklace using my own twist on the style!
I searched & searched for these adorable vintage change purses.  They are getting very hard to find.  I found two...(one black fabric & this brown leather one pictured above (it is a double change coin holder!)
As you can see, the Cranky Queen had not placed any of her royal coinage in the purse! She must hide some things from Cranky King!
I found a suitable chain that I salvaged from one of my junkin' sprees.
I even attached a vintage clasp taken from a less attractive chain necklace.

I hand sewed vintage gold buttons on the front of the purse. My fingers were sore after doing that task & then attached an old key for some dangle!
Don't you just love it!  A purse fit for a Queen...even a Cranky one~
 My inspiration came from these seen at the CL Market.
Speaking of re-purposed jewelry. Check out Gypsy Brocante   
You will love her bling!
...& The Gypsy Fish Journal has some incredible salvaged jewelry creations.
Oh, I cannot forget my blog gal pal, Nancy, AKA Sassy Trash
with her wonderful change purse necklaces.
I hope you liked my quick "toot" on the coin purse necklace.  I plan on making another one using the black purse very soon...Just remember, 
"a gals gotta have a place for her stash!"


  1. Oooh I just love your little coin purse necklace to stash, well, what have you... how fun!... and I adore Jill also at Gypsy Brocante... I own one of her exquisite vintage bejeweled belt buckles... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. It turned out great! Can't wait to see it in person..melanie

  3. What can I say...other than positively delightful and brilliant my Queen! Love it to pieces!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Wayyyyyy fun! A modern chatelaine! Great vision for a fun little project.
    I read your profile, and your description of a southern summer was dead-on! Every year around June I ask, "WHY DO I LIVE DOWN HERE???" :)

    Happy creating--praise God for Fall and Winter!
    (and thanks for the visit!)

  5. Your necklace turned out great, I love re purposed jewelry. Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for the sweet comment.

  6. Wow, it's all totally gorgeous, Tiff...and I have to tell you that I am so sorry to hear about your father...and my prayers are with you and your family...and I pray that angels will be with all of you. XO Cindy

  7. I there! Thanks for the hello over at kirstikoo! :) Love the purse and your cute vintage style!

  8. A royal fortune, indeed! I'm inspired...just came into a stash of old keys. I love how you put this all together :)

  9. Tiffany,
    Ok, now we're talking turkey! LOL!! You have some cool ones, love that we have some of the same ones! Your coin purse design turned out to cool! Like the way you imbellished it, espcially the key!

  10. Tiffany, your purse necklace is awesome!

  11. Wow! I am so impressed. And I can imagine how much your fingers hurt from that sewing. The change purse came out really cute. I love it. Great job! Can't wait to see how you embellish the black one.

  12. That is just awesome, you are such a clever cranky queen!!

  13. Turned out cute! That chain was perfect, wasn't it?

  14. What a fun and stylish idea, I love it!! Thanks for sharing at H&H's link party!

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