Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plants Under Glass Make A Comeback from the 1970's ~ Decorating With Terrariums

 Terrariums have made a comeback...any magazine that you pick up lately has an article on DIY Terrariums. The Cranky Queen remembers them as a child on a much bigger scale.  They sat perched on every mod coffee table or window seal basking under the glow of some funky hanging light amongst shag carpet and groovy furnishings! Look whats new with these plants under glass. Pictured above are 2 that my gal pals made.

 January 2012 edition of Better Homes & Garden Magazine had a great article on terrariums with step by step instructions on "How To".
So my gal pals & I got together for a girl's craft night out to assemble terrariums.  Several had collected various mosses, ferns, succulents, & vines throughout the week. We all brought a jar/container of choice.

 Duchess Melanie was the "expert" at making these creations using pebbles 1st, then horticulture charcoal & topping it off w/soil.                             
Empress Wanda assembled her unique terrarium using a glass cloche, metal lamp base, peat pot & adorable lamb perched on bed of vivid green moss.

Cranky Queen perched a little made in Japan gold vintage turtle in one of her terrariums~Her container was originally a candle holder.
Countess Lisa used a rooster cloche that was a last year's birthday gift from The Cranky Queen as the house for her terrarium.  Don't you just love the little mint~colored rooster peeking out @ his friends???
Lady Shannon opted for a cookie-type jar 
& added a stone for "the natural look."
This adorable little welded cloche was snagged by the Cranky Queen for 50 cents at a local Thrift Store.  It had a little dusty butterfly on dried flowers that she removed, chipped off the glue & cleaned. She added a piece of Blue Ridge broken china to complete her fun craft!
The finished products!
The Queen & her Royal Court ~ LOL!
From Left to Right: Countess Lisa, Empress Wanda, Duchess Melanie, Maiden Shannon and (seated)  Cranky Queen Tiffany

Check this Terrarium Necklace out that my neighbor gal pal generously gave me for Christmas. Isn't it just the "belle of the ball?!?" 
You can find it at Twig Terrariums
Other  fun terrarium makers are Tiny Terrains & DoodleBird on Etsy.

 We ended the party with a slice of homeade skillet upside~down pineapple cake graciously baked my Maiden Shannon! YUMMMMMM...



  1. So cute! And I know you and your royal court had lots of fun!!

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    Love this post. It looks as if you and your "Royal Court" had a lot of fun. The only "plant" I have in my house right now is a terrarium I made last spring...and it's still living! I used a big old country store type (similar to one of the ones in your photos)jar that was missing its lid and it was a lot of fun to put it together. Now a few of the plants have gotten so tall that they've blown the top off so my terrarium may no longer officially qualify as a terrarium but I like it. I remember making them as a kid and am glad to see that they're coming back.

  3. Well if that doesn't look like fun! What a great group of friends..I mean...Royal Subjects...you have! I love the terrariums and have always wanted to do one back in the day and here it is they're coming back into fashion 40 years later and I STILL haven't done one!
    Is that sweet tea you're drinking? And love, love, love that pineapple upside down cake! One of my fav's and come to think of it, I haven't made that in awhile either. Wow...you gals have inspired me! Happy belated Birthday....got to love those Capricorns!

  4. Happy Birthday! One of my girls did a terrarium this weekend for a friend. :)
    They are fun, and if I could get my hands on one of those plastic orb thingies from the Seventies, it would be AWESOME! :)

    Btw, you don't LOOK cranky in the pictures!

  5. How cute! And what a fun night with your pals! This might be the answer for my "failure to water" problem with houseplants and I have the same little rooster glass box! Tyler is a sophomore -so I have 2 more wrestling seasons to look forward to! (He is the surprise baby of middle age- his siblings are 30, 28, 24, and 22!)

  6. Oh my! Yours are fabulous and what fun to have a girls get together for crafting. Happy belated birthday !!!

  7. Wasn't that a great article? I made some terrariums using the instructions in the magazine too. After some "transplant shock", most of the plants are putting out new leaves. I'm really not a plant person so I hope these are as easy to maintain as the author says they are. Coincidentally, I am giving away the book that was in that BHG article on Friday, February 10 if you and/or any of your court want to enter the give away...http://misskopykat.blogspot.com . It was fun to see the photos of your terrarium party!