Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kindness From A Stranger...

Even the Cranky Queen (who is only "cranky" sometimes) finds it hard NOT to be nice to people.  It is just in my Southern nature to be polite & kind... to friends or strangers.  But because there is so much hate, greed, & deceit in our world today, sometimes a random act of kindness is often hard to find...But, the Queen found a wonderful act of kindness in someone she had never met!

This adorable package arrived for me in the mail this week.  Inside, is the "act of kindness."  To back my story up a bit...I ordered a wonderful bracelet off of an Etsy site & it arrived in days...I was giddy with my new purchase...until, it fell on the restroom floor of the movie theater and shattered! I just wanted to cry...
 I contacted the designer of my precious bracelet describing what had happened...she immediately emailed me  & asked to repair & mail it back free of charge!  Who is the kind stranger?  
Theresa Hein from The Old White House When she returned my package, all of these items above were included & the bracelet was delicately wrapped in the hand~made bird pouch. Sniff....I wanted to cry again, but from sheer joy of knowing kindness still exists...even from a total stranger!
 This is the beautiful bracelet with a new clasp made especially for  
The Cranky Queen!
Even though I typically have no problem "speaking my mind", I love this
"Speak the truth even if your voice shakes!"
This is the sweet card that Theresa enclosed...kindness from a stranger!



  1. Theresa is awesome. What a wonderful happy ending.


  2. Awwww, Thanks Tiffany! I find it hard to believe that you are ever really cranky and I'm glad that you like your goodies. I look forward to seeing what you do with your T... a royal cape or on the throne perhaps? :) Have a great night... thanks again! t.xoxooxox

  3. Beautiful story and bracelet! Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow, that is the sweetest!!!!!!

  5. Came over from Feathered Nest expecting to see jewelery, but was unprepared for the random act of kindness. Thanks for sharing the uplifting story that restores faith that there are people who care!

  6. Oh I have found another blog that I truly love here. Loved reading your profile. I have followed you and wondered if you might visit me and linky follow if you wish. I think we like the same kinds of things. The jewelry piece is so lovely and how nice that she would repair it for you!

  7. What a wonderful person to have done that for you! And what sweet gifts! Thanks for joining TTF and have a great day!

  8. It is nice to know there is still kindness out there :) It is a beautiful bracelet with a wonderful message:)
    PS I would love to have you at the party! I hope you will come!