Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Queen Visits Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in New York City!

The Royal Family has just returned from a New York City vacation.  This was their first "jaunt" to the Big Apple...The Cranky Queen planned an itinerary for each day to "cram in" as many sights as possible in 5 days!  And a flea market was one of the stops on Saturday...

Can you believe furs in August!  It was "unseasonably" HOT for NYC!

Cranky King making his stroll thru the street market...

Bits and pieces...I could have sifted thru these bins for hours!
Checking out the goods...
Can you say "JEWELRY"!!!!!
Purses, scarves, shawls & hats of any color, shape & size
The heat did not stop the shoppers!
These hats were found everywhere from China Town to Central Park...
Prince Logan would not even try one on....
License plates from all states...vintage & newer
Swoon...this was my favorite booth...The Queen loves old door knobs!
This gentleman had lots of interesting items!
Something for everyone!  Someones trash is someone else's treasure!
 This was one of the items that I purchased at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.  A 1939 Autograph Album from the World's Fair...The Cranky Queen always tries to purchase items that remind her of the area she visited!

 Another vintage treasure was the old peanut butter pail...
 I loved the graphics and colors!

Made in NYC!
 Does this look familiar?

At the "Top of the Rock"
A night on the town!
Fun in China Town!


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  1. How fantastic! We haven't been to NYC since Josie's adoption 4 years ago. It's time to go back again. What fun adventures. Good for you.