Sunday, May 31, 2015

Let Freedom Ring!

Well it's been awhile since I blogged! Excuse??? Life... Too much to do... But I read someone's blog yesterday & they mentioned the "blog graveyard", thus, it made The Cranky Queen think "I don't want to be in "the ground yet!" So, guess what? The Cranky Queen is back! Hoping to blog at least once a week. So to celebrate my return to blog world...a few snapshots of Americana decor. (Above photo courtesy of Pinterest).

I love "saving" & "recycling"...this broke-back chair is now a stool with a fresh seat painted navy & distressed; the rusty cast iron kettle is home to succulents & the windows can be used in lots of ways in the home or garden.
The flag was painted by me, AKA The Cranky Queen. It is painted on a leaf discarded from a drop-leaf table. The old jeep door (another roadside find) draws attention to the items for sale after I stenciled "JUNK 4 SALE" on it...plus it's for sale too.
The chair, another flag pattern painted by me, would be adorable on a porch. The old bike was offered to me (at a very good price) by a friend's hubby. I love the flag draped over it with repainted frames.

The Cranky Queen showing off more of her weekend "finds"! Love that red industrial cart & metal bird cage!
So I hope that all my blogger friends (& new visitors too) will visit the "royal blog" once more. The palace doors have re-opened. The royal pups have changed over the last few years... Ruby Fawn is our old princess, while Elliott (Eli) is our new prince. Dixie Belle & Sassy have passed over to the True Royal Kingdom.

KEEP CALM & Wave Your American Flag!

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