Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Cranky Queen's #1 Philosopy: All Work and No Play Makes For a Very Long Day...

The Cranky Queen & her "Dutchess" friend, Melanie, headed to Montgomery, AL & decided to make a detour before starting their day.  Melanie had been told about this awesome place that specialized in architectural salvage.  The "catch" was...it is only open 10-12 noon...Tues-Thurs.  The shop is named Rescued Relics, & it is operated by volunteers with all proceeds going to help restore Old Alabama Town.
We were "all smiles" after finding so many treasures...a little sweaty and grungy...but grinning like kids in a candy store!

Look at these fabulous lights!
Tons of doors...The Cranky Queen did purchase a cool old screen door with the original hardware!
Roger, the very nice gentleman who assisted us on our "scavenger hunt", hides behind the screen door that I bought!
Three matching mantles...when would you ever find these?
This beautiful arched doorway was already "adopted" & waiting to be carried to its new home.
They had windows...any shape...any size.
We both loved these unique french-style doors with the original door bell.
Vintage enamel sinks & tubs...some still with the hardware attached!
We literally "drooled" over this wrought iron fencing & even tried to purchase some of the fleur-de-lis toppers....BUT these are not for sale.  This very old  fencing is used to restore the existing fences in Old AL Town.
Melanie loved these old chairs.  I plan on getting them if they have not been "adopted" this week when I return to pick up the screen door for the castle.
Wrought iron fireplace covers, more enamel sinks...we were in salvage heaven!

So we loaded up the trunk & back seat of the car & promised to return one day! It was definitely worth the detour...Like the Queen said "All Work & No Play, Makes For A Very, Very Long Day...STAY CALM & GO JUNKIN'!


  1. Oh soooo many great pieces!! Love the hunt too!

  2. We have a salvage store similar to yours and I can spend hours in there just ooohing and aahhhing over the relics of the past. Fun post. Thanks for sharing your outing with us.

  3. We have a salvage shop similar to yours and I can spend hours oohhing and aahhhing over the neat relics from the past. Thanks for sharing your outing with us. I enjoyed the visit.
    ~Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  4. This place looks like a fab place. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place! I love those mantles!

  6. We have a wrecking/salvage company that is drool-worthy. It doesn't look nearly has organized as your's. Those fireplace mantles are just divine!!! What a great place to visit.

  7. Wow...you take me on a detour like that and I'd never get to my original destination....What - you didn't buy any of those awesome lights??? ! Great, great pieces....no wonder you two lovelies have such wonderful smiles on your pretty faces! Thanks for the peeks! Hope the day was good to you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  8. I found your blog this evening through another. Fascinating! I'm your new follower and can't wait to come back for another visit:)

  9. Oh WOW, looks like I need to take a drive! LOL This is an amazing place!!!