Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jewelry Re-purposed for The Queen

Jewelry is a "must" for the Cranky Queen...& I have been known to "over do it" on an occasion or two..."Gaudy" is the word that my Mother, Cranky Em, loves referring to it as...But, to defend myself, I must say that my motto is "Adorn, Adorn, Adorn!" 
So, I have been lovin' all of the re-purposed, re-cycled, up-cycled jewelry made from vintage pieces & re-created into fabulous one-of-a-kinds.  Above is one of the Cranky Queen's originals...created using a white beaded choker; mother of pearl shoe buckle & a vintage enamel & fauxe rhinestone brooch.  I will be wearing this, along with the cowboy hat that I have "gypsied up", to the Bella Rustica Barn Event in Franklin, TN!
Take a goooood luck, gals!
The next royal creation is a watch face bracelet. I am so fascinated with old clocks & watches...& everyone (who is someone) is decorating with them. "Timing" is everything in this day & time! 
The Cranky Queen will share pictures from Bella Rustica when she returns! STAY CALM & ADORN! Tiffany


  1. Hello your majesty!
    I love that bracelet! Wonderful creation! Have fun at Bella Rustica!

  2. It's beginning to sound like everyone who is anyone is gonna be at Bella Rustica. Wish I could be (well, guess I'm not any anyone...) Loving that bracelet your majesty....Best of shows to you! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. I love the bracelet......I may have to copy that idea.

  4. Your pearl filled birdcage is simply DIVINE!!! Have a wonderful time at Bella Rustica!

  5. I love the watch face braclet, the first time to see one. I have been on a quest for watch and clock faces I don't have a clue what I will do with them I just know I want them.
    Drop by my blog I am having a giveaway to celebrate my 100th follower. Kathy

  6. What lovely creations! I love the pearl filled bird cage :)I am a fellow watch and clock face hoarder myself , so I love your bracelet too.

  7. I say Adorn to the hill Girl!!
    Love the bracelet.
    xxx Liz