Thursday, October 06, 2011

Never Fear....The Steers' Are Near!

The Cranky Queen's last name is Steers...So during the Halloween season, her famous motto is "Never Fear, The Steers' Are Near!" So on behalf of this spooky season, I decided to share with my blog friends the Vintage Halloween Vignette that is displayed on the kitchen island...
I started with bird cages covered with spider webbing & black crows.
I love the old Rook cards scattered about...
The spider is made from tree bark!
These little S&P witches were found in Cummings, Georgia at Lakewood last fall. Straddling their brooms...SO FUN!
I have been collecting vintage Halloween noise makers for several years.
These oldies are getting much more difficult to find...at reasonable prices~
A little rusty, but this tamborine is a rare find!
I love these jack-o-lantern napkins (still in the original package) that I found at the Country Living Market in Stone Mtn., GA last fall...Check out the rubber black cat horn!
These plastic lights remind me of my childhood!
The Cranky Queen has more to show you...but will wait to a later date...She is off to ride her broom!


  1. WOW you have some seriously cool vintage Halloween decorations! Aren't the graphics on the old stuff just so wonderful? They make the greatest vignette, and all on you kitchen island? That must be huge! I love it all and can't wait to see what else you will do... Plus your motto is fun too! t. xooxox

  2. I'm all about Halloween. I swear this is my favorite time of the year. I've been posting about my decor all week and you've got "wicked" ideas with this vignette. Halloween hugs!

  3. This is great. I haven't had time to do much decorating, after this weekend I hope to. Your vignette has really inspired me to get going. Love it and your motto as well!
    Hugs Jackie

  4. Couldn't be creepier...in a GOOD way. I love Halloween...but do not decorate any more, I know, insert sad little sigh here... I do have one shelf in my kitchen and dining room, with Christmas and Halloween...up year round, that's as good as it gets.
    It is just perfect, xo

  5. Yikes, those are s-c-a-r-y decorations! Your Halloween decor is totally creepy and oh so perfect!

  6. Oh....I'm SOOOO loving this!! Wowsers....we have more in common than our crankiness.....I have a pretty serious collection of vintage Halloween noisemakers and tambourines too....Too, too, fun. Something tells me we could get into all sorts of wicked trouble together!!! Stay calm and RIDE ON!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Holy Spooky Crow! You did such a great job, I love all the memories this brings back.
    Thanks for posting!


  8. So cute. I love vintage anything! Creative blog too.

  9. You always have the best displays! I've got to get on the broom, I mean stick, and get mine out.