Saturday, March 03, 2012

Grandma's Old Tablecloths and Curtains

 Does this fabric look familiar???  Cranky Queen loves (no adores) old fabrics, especially bark cloth.  You know, the fabric that your Grandmother's tablecloths, curtains, couch covers, etc. were made from....
So what did the Cranky Queen do with her new found love for vintage textiles???

 Well, with a lot of help from my gal pal, Duchess Melanie, I made my very first garment! Guess what fabric I used? An old bark cloth tablecloth from an Estate Sale that I managed.  I even left the original fringe from the tablecloth for the added vintage touch!
 The finished product. I have to give myself a royal courtesy!
 The pattern is from Indygo Junction
Visit Amy Barickman & her staff at Indygo Junction.


 So next time you are out junkin', don't pass up that old fabric...
they just don't make it like they use to!

 A royal thank you is sent out to my wonderful gal pal, Duchess Melanie, pictured on the left, for the time she has taken to guide me down the path of sewing.  She is a great teacher & I cherish each moment.


  1. Good job! The leaving the fringe very cool. Love the swing coat and the colors. I will never look at table clothes the same.

  2. OMG I love that swing coat! I have tons of vintage fabrics and my neighbor can sew- could be a an awesome match with the right patterns. Thanks for sharing! I will be sure to check out Indygo Junction!

  3. Oh how cute! I remember one estate sale 2 young ladies were stripping the curtains from the windows! They were so excited!!

  4. That is awesome! You look so cute in that! I love your bark cloth. You met Amy? So cool...you're all talented! The swing coat is adorable! Hats off to you Cranky Queen and Dutchess Melanie...I could have sworn you would have had your own personal seamstresses....ahhh...royalty just isn't what it used to be.

  5. LOVE, LOVE your barkcloth clothes! When the boy was 5 he loved George Washington. I bought 35 yards of vintage barkcloth off ebay featuring George to make his bedroom. He outgrew that room this year! It made me so sad to dismantle it...maybe I should make a coat out of that. I don't think I could embarrass him more than I already do... I am sure his friends would recognize that fabric!

    PS- I made some terrariums and mentioned you!

  6. How fabulous is that swing coat. Well done. You look absolutely adorable. I just love happy endings.

  7. Fabulous! Love both garments but the coat makes me swoon!

    One of the fabrics in your photo, the one with bright yellow, acid green, white, teal, and gold colored flowers - was the exact fabric of our living room curtains when I was growing up. What a shock to see it again!Love that you are repurposing it in such a clever way.

  8. You look fabulous dahling!! And thanks for the thanks! Can't wait for our next collaboration w/ our mutual piles of fabric! Melanie

  9. Ah! You had me screaming - I remember seeing you at Country Living - had no IDEA! loved your jacket! What a wonderful event that was - I can't wait until it returns - so loving your new creation! It is fantastic! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday!

  10. Thank HEAVENS I saw this as Garage Sale season opens! I'm on the lookout now! I LOVE YOUR JACKET!!!!! xo, Kimberly