Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Queen's Weakness...Majolica Pottery

The Cranky Queen has always had an eye for "the better things in life"...but sometimes her "ritzy taste" does not fit her non-champaigne  budget controlled by Cranky King (well, at least that's what he believes~LOL).  Of course, she would literally covet one of the most expensive collectibles in the antique world.  Yes, Victorian Majolica...and for those that have priced it...one word...YIKES~
But...every once in awhile, she finds a bargain...or she may splurge for a piece that she really loves!  Cranky King & Prince Logan have really developed "an eye" for seeking out pieces of her fav when antiquing...
Some pieces have hairline cracks or a nick or two...
but that just tells their story of life!
The  pedestal piece was given as an Anniversary gift to the Cranky Queen by her "1&only" Cranky King! Her other pieces are like sister~matches to it...
The turquoise colors are some of my "to die for" favorites!
One of my older pieces...

Of course, the begonia leaves are hard to find & the ones that I really look for when junkin'!
My gal pal, Wanda gave me this piece!
Cranky King purchased this adorable pitcher with the birds...I didn't have the heart to tell him it was a reproduction!  I love it and smile every time I see it...It's the thought that counts...

Victorian Majolica is earthenware pottery made in the 19th century in Europe & the USA.  It has molded surfaces and colorful clear lead glaze.  Multiple manufacturers & maker marks are found. The death of Queen Victoria in 1901ended the era of true Victorian Majolica & it was superseded by Art Noveau & Art Pottery.  The Cranky Queen hopes that you enjoyed her collection of Majolica...



  1. I too love Majolica but alas I have not one single piece of it! I do have some plates from my Grandmother that look similar and it's that look I love. The bright, deep colors and the designs. Your collection is beautiful and thanks for sharing it with us! I may have to get mine out and post about them. They were made in Germany I think but I need to check.

  2. YES,YES,YES!!! LOVE IT ALL!!! I too have a small collection and a VERY LARGE "WISH LIST"! of course the wish list items are picture less because "LET'S FACE IT", the pieces are basically ONE OF A KINDS! I have some pieces pictured in my posts here and there and one of my recent posts about TRILLIUMS... I am EYEING a little piece with a bird that has a chipped beak(they colored the beak and it's hard to even notice it...Hmmm, It's marked down to $12 AND I can't sleep nights thinking about it! I thought maybe I'd drape a little twig on his mouth, Hmmmm. Decisions Decisions! NOW you posted this WONDERFUL TEMPTATION and "I Just may RUN DOWN and grab that little piece! AND of course I'll have to BLOG ABOUT IT!
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your collection.
    Have a wonderful week,

  3. Dear Queenie, thanks for sharing photos of your collection! It is really quite beautiful and each piece has a story for you. I just loved seeing your pretties!

  4. What a stunning collection. I especiall love the turquoise ones. The King did good, I love it even if it is a repro.

  5. Lovely collection! Thanks for sharing!

  6. You have a beautiful collection. Isn't it wonderful when our Mr's think about us, even if it's not exactly what we would buy for ourselves. Like you said it's the thought that counts.

    Elizabeth Ann

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