Friday, November 16, 2012

Funky Bottle Turkey

If you have read the previous blog by The Cranky Queen, you know that she has a "gander for the gobblers!"  Vintage turkeys only...her collection is quite extensive & she continues her search throughout the year for the odd & unusual. The above photo is depicts the "funky turkey".
To really understand the "birth" of this turkey, I need to back up to 2011 Country Living Market~Stone Mtn., Georgia...The Cranky Queen & her gal pal, Duchess Melanie are strolling the booths when they come across a box full of turkey heads...yes, you read correctly TURKEY HEADS! Various types, basically all the same size, some with stoppers attached...what were they? The corks of Wild Turkey Sample Whiskey Decanters.  So they each pilfered the box until they found a dozen or so of the "perfect turkey heads."  Their friend, Wise Wicked Wanda, thought they were crazy...thus the funky turkey was born!
 The turkey's wings are made from old keys & the body an old bottle~
A cute little pearl collar clip attaches to the key wings!
 The Queen filled the bottle with feathers~not turkey feathers, but hey, cute feathers!
The head dressing is constructed using brown boa feathers & the neck of the bottle is adorned with vintage gold fringe from some old curtains & a ratty burgundy covered button!
Wise Wicked Wanda received a funky turkey hand~made by the Cranky Queen...and she accepted in gracefully!  Too bad, we could not read her thoughts! LOL
~These are the 3 gal pals...Country Living Mkt. 2011 ~
Before the Turkey Head Hunt!



  1. We're still on the same thought plane! I ALMOST did a post on the turkey you made for me today. I've got him in the dining room.

    (That picture of me is not who I see in the mirror!)

  2. Very cool! I'm glad to have found your blog!

  3. Thanks for sharing your funky bottle on Simple & Sweet Fridays. So creative!


  4. Wow, never seen such artistry with turkeys! not the easiest of things to make attractive, turkey heads that is, but this look fab.
    Came by via the blog hop and now follow you on GFC, hope you can check out my blog too and see what you think.
    Angela x