Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's Talk Turkeys & Thanksgiving!

 The Cranky Queen doesn't like to brag (well, yeah, I guess she does)...but she believes that she has one of the coolest collection of vintage turkeys in the South...From old postcards to salt & pepper shakers to napkin holders & flower pots...she's got 'em all...And the Queen is always on the prowl for a turkey that she does not have...she rescues those little holiday gobblers all year long from dusty antique stores to yard sales with hand made signs...
The turkey tray was snatched up for $2...a few "chigger bites" just shows character
 Love the blue feathers in the set of S&P's
The 4 small turkeys are new to the Queen's collection for only $4for the set~2012!

These turkeys have fabulous vibrant colors and add to the buffet decor in the dining room!

Old Thanksgiving Postcards can still be found for reasonable prices...The teal color on this set is very unusual!

 This Thanksgiving vignette graces the center of the dining room table...
 Love the old drawer filled with a variety of Fall decor!
Prince Logan helped with the decorations by lending me one of his turkey feather dressings that he shot last year. 

Speaking of Prince Logan...As a proud Mamma, I display his adorable turkey hand prints from years ago...The pilgrim & turkey planter above is another one of my "Little Logan" collections...
A collection of the vintage wax candles remind me of my childhood!
The chalky white pair are also new to my collection~2012!
One of the oldest in the Cranky Queen's collection, a navy & cream flower holder
 Fun Vintage Pilgrims in Blue & Gray...
...and yes, this year, the "hippy turkey" was found in an antique mall believed to be made by a "beginner" in a ceramics class in the 1970's
The Queen's art work from 1973...Her mother, Cranky Em, kept everything from her royal childhood.

So as 2012 draws to an end, I am thankful for many things...My faith, my family, my health, and the list could go on and on...May you and your family, have a blessed Thanksgiving Season!



  1. You definitely rule the thanksgiving roost.

  2. I always admire how you display your turkeys. I'm still just putting mine on the mantle.

    There must have been a turkey vibe in the air today. I blogged on mine today, too. LOL

  3. What lovely turkeys. Truly a great colleciton. I especialy like the white and blue one!

  4. Between you and Wanda I know why I have never found any vintage turkeys - you have got them all! I have my pheasants out for Thanksgiving but I am going to look harder to find some turkeys!