Sunday, January 27, 2013

Queen of Crafts...And Gifts Fit For A Queen

For those that follow The Cranky Queen, they know that she really isn't that cranky (she does have her moments), hence, that is where the name originated...by who you ask?  Cranky King (hubby) & Prince Logan (son)... Now the Queen loves to wear scarves and headbands in her unruly hair..Yes, she does take her crown off sometimes & pictured above is her newest creation copied from one she saw in a boutique...
A view of the "royal" head!
 Ok, can you say dork?!?
 The rosette is made from a wool sock that shrank in the dryer; the leaves are cut from lace & the flower button for that added bling!!!
The next weekend creation is a burlap Valentine's Door Hanger for a Gal Pal 
 Close~up Details
   This was not hard to make.  Cut burlap into a heart shape.  Zigzag around edges.  Stuff with plastic bags (yes, I recycled). Paint red.  Dry. Paint pink polka dots. Dry.  Outline in white. Dry.  Paint edges white.  
I love the way it looks scalloped...
 ...and finally, royal gifts...The metal pic~nic basket above was bought for my birthday (by the Queen herself!!!)...Love the pattern & it fantastic shape...It will be used to store vintage laces & ribbons.
From Cranky King himself...This adorable doll...
Her name is "Dottie Mae"...she stole my heart!

Thanks for browsing the Royal Blog...My Castle Doors Are Always Open...





  1. What a gorgeous headband!! I love the sock rosette!! And the burlap heart is so awesome!! I'll have to try to make one!! Thanks so much for entering my giveaway!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. Loved your post, Tiff! You are so creative ~ painting burlap, who would've thought???!!! Happy Birthday to you and enjoy your lovely treats! I have yet to find a picnic tin in such beautiful condition. Your King sure knows what makes your heart thump!

  3. Great head band design. Looks great on you too. Happy birthday.

  4. That headband is fantastic! You look adorable :)

  5. Love that headband! I should make some since I like to wear them too.

    The Valentine door hanger is so cute!

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