Monday, February 13, 2012

An Old Time Valentines!

The Cranky Queen wanted to share some of her vintage Valentine's decor...she loves this holiday..."Love is in the air at the Royal Steers Family Palace!" Wishin' all my blog friends a Happy Heart Day too...
 This little vignette is in the middle of my breakfast room table. Prince Logan grumbles that it leaves little room to eat. Did I say love's in the air?
 This little vintage cupid is still one of my fav perched in a bowl full of grungy hearts, old Valentine's postcards &  heart~shaped cookie cutters

Did I mention that I hand~made all the hearts...I need to brag just a little!

    Don't you just love the little cherub on the paint pallet with the brushes???

If only these old Valentines could talk?

This sits in the middle of my island...The bird cage is new to my Valentines decor just this year!  I thought the old Valentines cards looks adorable attached to the cage...perched on a red chippy stool...
...and look what's perched inside? My little bird made by me~
A close~up of the vintage Valentines from days long forgotten!

My gal pal, Duchess Melanie, gave me this during our Vintage Valentine's Exchange that our Junkin' Gal group often does during February.

My Daddy bought me this cupid doll in the 1970's. At one time it wore floral p.j.'s...this one is a cherished Valentine gift.
One of my favorite Valentines of all...Is she not adorable!
 I snagged this clown at a yard sale...he is new to the V-group!

Another one of my grungy crafts that I made last year!  

This little fella is so cute & was rescued for a dime at a thrift store.  Hope you get a Valentine's card in the mail this year...If not, The Cranky Queen sends her love!

Loving hands made these for me many years ago ..Prince Logan...now these are the most priceless Valentines of all!  Wink! Sniff! Sob! Tears of Joy!



  1. First of all, I forgot to ask if that cute little girl in the picture is you? I think it is...I see a likeness...regardless she's a cutie!
    OMG, I cannot believe your collection! it's gorgeous and I'm not even a Valentine's Day person but I do love me some vintage and you got it going on! Your royal "vignettes" are just darling. I love what you did with the birdcage too. I have an old one and have been contemplating what I wanted to do with it...you've given me food for thought now.
    Also, I love the "grungy" look! I tea dyed some fabric berries I sewed up but it didn't make them look like I envisioned. I'm thinking "grungy" is what I'm looking for. I'll google it but if I can't find anything I may be back to find out your technique.
    And the Valentines from Prince Logan...too sweet. I remember the ones I used to get from my kids when they were little and from my "beaus"....well, those days are over! I'm chopped liver now! LOL! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family and thanks for sharing your beautiful things!

  2. P.S. I meant the girl in the picture from yesterday's post...was that you when you were little?

  3. LOVE the vintage valentine decor!!! So cute.

  4. The vintage valentines are so cute! And the Kewpie Doll is adorable!! Have a great day!!

  5. Oh Yes, our childrens handmade Valentines are the best, I like the ones you made too!

  6. I'm wishing you a belated Valentines. Adorable collection. So many special treasures.

  7. Your birdcage is awesome. Looks great all decked out in Valentines.

  8. I really enjoyed looking at your amazing valentine collection! You've got so many great pieces, and you display them so well!
    Happy REDnesday,

  9. Wow! You have quite the collection of Valentines! Love them all!