Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Gift of Thrift!

This is the final post of our Tennessee Tromp...Day 3~THRIFT DAY~ The Cranky Queen & Duchess Melanie awoke to "crummy" weather (& that is saying it lady-like). But for all you dedicated junkers out there, a little stormy, cold weather is not gonna stop us! We "break" for JUNK!!!
Duchess Melanie had her umbrella to shield her from the rain

The Cranky Queen also had her royal parasol
Believe it or not, IT WAS OUR LUCKY DAY!  The 1st Saturday of the month is HALF PRICE DAY at all Goodwill Stores.  So we "got down with the crowds" & had a fun time sifting thru all the junk...
(excuse me, reusable items~LOL)
 And this is what we saw...Mel had to fight for a shopping cart & we took turns standing in line to go look~But we chatted with lots of people...I was in "cognito" with no one knowing my royal status!

This nice cashier laughed at us "cutting up" in the check out line~She said "Y'all women are crazy!"  Hey, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  (even in an overcrowded thrift store)

Look what the Queen "modeled" for all the shoppers~ Crown sunglasses...1/2 off for $1!
 This was another thrift store that we scouted out in Cullman, AL...
 So, we were "cowgals" while visiting the grand old state of TN...had a rowdy time & came home with some treasures... YEEHAW!
Couldn't resist taking a snapshot of this picture!


  1. Oh how I wish I could have been with you! Looks like you had a blast and who wouldn't with 1/2 price sales and junk galore? I mean come on...that's junker's paradise right there!
    Love your pics but those sun glasses take the cake! That was worth the whole trip! I'll be on the look out for a pair of those beauties! Glad you got home safe and sound and had such a great time. Thanks for sharing..it was ALMOST as good but not quite.

  2. Looks like loads of fun. The pics are just like being there!

  3. I'm in love with the sign above the door painted on what a hubcap????? These are just the funnest of outings with the girls. That cowgirl pic is an absoulute hoot!!!
    Happy Thursday

  4. Ah...the memories!! I'm ready for another road trip already!! Melanie

  5. Sounds like fun. I love thrifting.

  6. Ahhh, what fun y'all had! I will check out that store in Cullman! Lots of good thrifty finds!

  7. You sound like my kind of friend to go thrifting with! You gotta have fun with it especially on those really busy days when people are shoving and grabbing what's in your hand!!

  8. Sound like a fun day! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! I am following via Linky and hope you will too!

  9. What a fun day! A perfect kind of day for me! Thank you for joining TTF and have a wonderful week!