Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Queen's Pocket

Look what the Cranky Queen got in the mail today!  A whimsy pocket "fit for a queen!"  That's right...my blog friend, Jeanie, from All My Art http://jeanieatc.blogspot.com was my swap partner in the Whimsy Pocket Swap hosted by "Tee" over at The Altered Paper blog http://creationsbytee.blogspot.com. Don't you just love the beads that spell out cranky! What a personal touch...The Queen in no longer cranky!
Jeanie replaced the queen of hearts with my very own photo...too cute!
...and she made me a personalized key chain & provided me with some future tags for crafting...


This is the pocket that I made for Jeanie using a peacock theme.  I was in such a rush to mail her pocket out, that I forgot to take my own pictures...so Jeanie was nice enough to email me a couple.  Sorry for the glare...This was a fun swap...

Quick Tutorial on Making A Whimsy Pocket:
1.  Cut a toilet paper roll 3 inches long.
2.  Glue bottom & use cloths pins to clamp until dry.
3.  Cover with decorative paper & adhere with glue.
4.  Embellish!
5.  Fill with Fun Craft Items! Enjoy! Share!

...and these were the goodies in her whimsy pocket that I mailed to her...
Check Out Jeanie's Door Hanger Challenge Ending June 6th...I am working on mine now. Click on the Door Hanger Challenge Link on her blog to see all the bloggers that have posted pics. 

Now only if my "pocket" was full of gold...Stay Calm & Keep Craftin'!


  1. Queenly! Great idea for a craft project.

  2. Now that is regally and really awesome!! Too fun! You make such a better Queen of Arts...ooops Queen of Hearts than that other gal on the card! ;o) Love your little peacock pocket too! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  3. Both are really creative & beautiful pockets! Thanks to you and the all the great ladies that joined in to make this a fun and successful swap! Many Thanks,Tee

  4. How ever did you fit all that stuff in a 3 inch actually less than 3 full inches once you glued the bottom shut????

    this looks very cool!

  5. Too cute! I love the way she personalized your Queeny pocket and yours is just beautiful.