Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Time for the 200 Follower Giveaway.... The Queen Has Something to Crow About!

"Cock-a-doodle-doo!"...The Cranky Queen has something to crow about...She is celebrating 200 Followers...Okay, it is time to take a curtsy...can you see my hand waving in the "queen kinda fashion"?

The giveaway contest will be very easy...No tricks needed!
1.  Become a Follower (if you like my blog) & let me know if you are already
     a loyal follower!
2.  Leave a comment telling me about a favorite chicken or rooster 
     collectible, a funny chicken story, or a favorite chicken recipe!
Gift #1 is an altered bottle made by the Cranky Queen with a "chicken theme."
My Daddy always said "to feather my nest!"
Top of bottle with burlap bow, buttons, & vintage ribbon & ball fringe

Close-up of chicken on torn musical paper
Back of the bottle with a vintage postcard

Gift #2 is a vintage chicken postcard! 
 Gift #3 is a yard of retro chicken fabric that was from a curtain panel!
So I know this giveaway is going to make you want to go out and feed the chickens!
 Okay...just think about it for a minute!
Even, chew on it for awhile...
Now, go ahead and jump for joy over the Giveaway!
...or go out and feed the chickens again!
I will be linking up over at Twice Remembered Cottage's blog http://twiceremembered.blogspot.com 
for her 5th Annual Cottage Charm Giveaway.  "Strut on over" & "roost awhile"!

I hope you will participate in my little "hen party"...if not, "the yolks on you!"
Giveaway ends May 29th

**Graphics used are courtesy of Flickr & Graphics Fairy**


  1. Oh no! The first girl never wins!

    You know I am a follower!

    I make a mean Parmesan Chicken dish... and it's easy!

    Here it is:

    1 - 1.5 lbs. fresh chicken breasts, boneless
    (Pound them until they are flat)

    Dip each piece in a bowl of melted butter to coat them. (one stick of butter)

    Next mix 1 cup of plain or seasoned breadcrumbs with grated parmesan cheese. Completelt coat each buttered chicken piece in this and place in a casserole baking dish. Sprinkle the top with salt and pepper to taste. Fresh parsley sprinkles optional!

    Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until bubbly and golden brown.

    The flattened chicken fillets will melt in your mouth and kids, all kids -- young and old --- will love them.

    Generous giveaway! Thanks for offering it!

  2. Oops, forgot to say mix 1 cup of breadcrumbs with 1/2 cup of the grated parmesan cheese!

  3. What a wonderful give away! I am a follower!
    Now for my chicken story.
    As a child I walked to my brothers house one day. He raised chickens of all sorts. Even roosters!
    I am telling you he had the tallest chickens in the world. I went to visit one day and my brother was not home. Those huge white chickens started chasing me and pinned me between the screen door and the front door. I stayed there an hour until my brother got home!! They gaurded me the whole time.

  4. yes i am a follower and the only chicken story that i have is that my brother built a barn and one day my mother got a box delivered to her house and was surprised when she opened it that there were about 15 little chicks inside that got delivered to her instead of my brother they came by ups and she lives next door to him.. boy was she surprised....

  5. This is my first visit to your blog. I took some time to look around and decided to be your latest follower. I have a chicken and rice dinner that I used to make a couple of Sundays a month and we haven't had it for a while. I will have to dig out the old favorite recipe and try it again. I love your giveaway and enjoyed reading your blog.

  6. Now this giveaway is something to crow about. Hah. Love your chicken things. I will follow your blog.


  7. Chicken!!!! Hubby hates it. I love it:)
    Yes, I'm a follower.
    xxx Liz

  8. Funny story about a chicken? OK. Here it is. Marietta, Georgia, has a KFC restaurant with a H U G E chicken on top of the building. It's called The Big Chicken, and all directions to places in Marietta use it. (You take a right at The Big Chicken...and so forth.) I had a blog in 1998 and wrote stories about The Big Chicken. I got married in February of that year and I had The Big Chicken on top of my wedding cake. I have the pictures to prove it.

  9. Consider me a follower (I had been following you through my Google reader) but just added myself. I've recently started collecting hen/rooster related items for my kitchen and your goodies would be a lovely addition to my small collection. I showed off my collection on this post: http://kenward.blogspot.com/2011/05/thrifty-finds.html and one of my best friends converted her chicken coop into a dream play house. I featured it on this post: http://kenward.blogspot.com/2011/04/target-1-bin-chicken-coop-makeover.html

    Have a lovely week ahead!

  10. My grandmother had a blue & white rooster and I got it when she passed away. (I'm nor sure anyone else wanted it) I keep finding myself looking for 'friends' for my blue & white rooster!

    Loved the pics of bottle trees in the last post - I've got a 'bush' in my front flower bed and I'm working on one for the back yard.

  11. I am a loyal follower. No chicken stories but I do have a chicken collection on the top of my cabinets with a pair of crazy white chickens that my husband hates and I love. Great giveaway.


  12. Hey your Highness!
    Your newest (at this point) follower....and delighted and humbled to be so! I would so love to be entered in your incredibly fun giveaway...LOVE it! Chicken story? Yikes, I have a many.....My most recent and most favorite is from about 2 years ago....Neighbors/friends of ours asked if we'd be home on Labor Day weekend. Unsuspectingly, I said "yes." Neighbor lady said - Great, you can babysit Carlos. Carlos was their frickin' baby rooster!!! So, he came for a long (VERY LONG) weekend, and stayed in our house (IN as "INSIDE"). He free-ranged on our couch, our chairs and wherever else he pleased. (NO...he was NOT potty trained!!) I tried to teach him to "cock-a-doodle-doo" in Spanish - but he didn't take to it so well (kinda had a French accent I think...) Anyway - if you doubt me - I have pictures to prove it (and my husband will never let me forget it!!!) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  13. New follower here and fellow hen and rooster lover! That fabric is COOOOL! Thanks for the opportunity, and please come check mine at #33.
    We have raised chickens for most of the 25 years we have lived here. We have lots of chicken stories from my kids and the Girl Scouts as I used to take a hen or two and (chicks if we had some)to the camp every summer, when I worked there.

    I will tell you that we purchased a mating pair of Polish silkies at an auction one year, and named them Boris and Natasha :) Boris ended up with some growthy looking thing up by his eye and beak. I called the Vet, HE did NOT "do" chickens, and gave me the number to a vet that might. I called him, told him about it, he told me it was most likely a sinus abscess, and in chickens that usually head right to the brain. He told me what to try, as he said it would be the only thing he would try, and that way I did have to pay for the office visit and all the others costs involved for a chicken, that was MOST LIKELY going to die within a week.

    so with my son and youngest daughter (10 and 9 at the time) handing me what I asked for, son not looking, daughter going COOL! I used a sterilized craft knife, Betadine and some clean gauze and tried to "lance" it. I won't go any further into it, as it was a bit yukky, good thing I am a healthcare professional. (now disabled) But The vet was right 3 days later when I went to let then out of their little coop in the morning (all of our birds always free-ranged) Boris was dead and Natasha was visibly upset, she didn't start acting more like herself for almost 2 weeks. Strange, Sad and amazing all at once.
    We haven't had chickens in the past 3 years, as a neighbors' dog killed most of our flock.

    I used to have a whole reperitoir of "why did the chicken cross the road" jokes. However I can not remember any of them now :(

    Wish you luck in all the lovely giveaways, and also good luck to myself for this CHICK_A_LICSIOUS giveaway!!


  14. PS. Your son is a very handsome young man, bet he is surrounded by the girls :) You could always have another (boy) and he'll be distracted protecting him and so on.
    LOL they grow up and do the dating,relationship thing so soon, sooner than you think. My baby is going on 24, the oldest is going on 29, and the son just turned 25 on the 9th. it goes by sooo fast.

  15. I'm a follower :D

    I love chooks! I miss them now that I live in the city, I always had pet ones when I was growing up.. I even had a pet one named Brittany who came when she was called :D And my best friend/neighbour used to always take her hens for rides in her bike's basket. Good times! :D

  16. Hi cranky queen. I have lots of glass roosters here, bottles, vases, ornaments, they come out every spring and crow around my place! I am also a follower of your blog. Valerie

  17. Hi Cranky Queen! Wonderful giveaway! I love roosters! When I was a volunteer at a local zoo in my area I loved hanging around the roosters and hens, because they were fun to watch and they loved being held and petted. If I lived in the country with tons of land, I would have a whole group of chickens for pets. Have a great week!

  18. Well....I'm already a follower!

  19. I'm a piggy kind of gal myself but recently I thought I needed maybe a "few" roosters or chickens to add to the (clutter) decor of my abode. I have 4...yup...my most prized roosters are the red toile (drool) stuffed roosters...all the grands love them too...I find them all over the house instead of where they are suppose to be...LOL. I have a cute little rooster that sits on my counter in the kitchen that I found at the $ store. And the newest member of the rooster family is a itty bitty one that I got for FREE from a tail gate sale...he will be included into my very first giveaway when I reach 100 followers!

  20. Oh...by the way this post just made me chuckle...it was perfect with the pictures and the comments!!

  21. Hi,

    I thought I would join your "hen" party! I do have one lonely rooster. My grandmother made it in ceramics and gave it to me. He has no friends and just sits all alone. Have a great day!

  22. Hi Tiff,
    I am a follower! When you have a moment pop over to my blog - I am having my first giveaway!!
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  23. You are always so GREAT to leave a supportive comment, I don't need a prize,,,,,,You are my prize!

    Okay, though, Fun Chicken Comment? My dad built houses. We lived in 1970's sub divisions that HE built...new/nice homes with no extra's....but here in the Seattle Area,,,,everyone could afford them and they were close to BOEING,,,,which was becoming HUGE! Working for Boeing= affording a HOUSE and my dad provided.

    BUT,,my DAD always had his "Twist." And,,,,,we had Chickens in a Cul de Sac......Rooster in the back yard,,,,,,Yeah, well the neighbors put up with it, because my dad built their homes....

    Cockaddoodle doo! Fun Post, and thanks for the Memories.....Although I do NOT miss wondering "Who" or What was in the soup pot!

    Hugs and Love,

    Count me in!

  24. Thanks for following my blog, I am keeping my fingers crossed for that gorgeous postcard! Lovely blog!

  25. Oh my goodness you are going to laugh at me, but I have to tell you that I am scared to death of chickens, any bird really, but especially chickens! I don't really know why but if they are anywhere to be found, I am running the other way!!


  26. I'm a new follower. I do love your blog!! I must tell you about my chicken collection. When I purchased my present home the owner left a pitcher in the pie safe I bought from her. It was a chicken and I thought it was cute, so.... I said I will "do" my kitchen in chickens. OPEN UP THE FLOODGATES!! That was 1993 and to this day my friends and some of my family still buy me chickens for every bloomin' holiday. But I must ask... does anyone out there in blogland have a chicken snow globe? I DO. My sweet Grandma bought it for me. By the way that pitcher I spoke of earlier is now worth almost $200 but I could never sell her, I still think she's cute. God Bless Ya!



  27. Hi Ms Cranky! Thanks for finding my 'spot' in Chelsea and visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower today! My chicky story involves playing underneath my great-aunt's home and the little creatures chasing me away from their nests! Her home was built in the late 1800's with a dogtrot down the middle, foundation laid on rocks, and high enough on one end to walk under...perfect for make-believe! Perfect until Ms Hen thought I was disturbing her! And the chase was on...haha! Have a great Hen Party!

  28. I just became a follower!
    No chicken story, but I do like to collect vintage hens/roosters, they remind me of Provence.
    Fingers crossed...


  29. Congratulations! Glad to have found your blog. I love our real life chickens that like to sit on the porch next to the slider near the wood stove. I guess they can feel the warmth through the glass. Love your chicken photo.

  30. Hi Miss Cranky, Nice to meet you! I'm a new follower, love your giveaway, thanks for the chance. Chickens, hmmmm, I don't really have a story, my neighbors have them, I like barbecue chicken on the grill, Oh I know.....
    A husband took his wife to the doctor, "Oh Doctor, for three years my wife thinks she's a chicken!" The doctor gasped, "That's terrible, I am horrified, why didn't you bring her to me sooner?" The husband said sheepishly, "Because we needed the eggs!". :)

  31. My Chicken Story: I was given a set of Chicken Salt & Pepper Shakers ( might have been roosters) by my then - boyfriend's grandma, for a Christmas present.
    I later told him they were antique and worth $25. Never saw them Shakers again! Sad but true! Lol, Tee

  32. I'm so glad I found your blog, Cranky Queen via Twice Remembered Cottage! I love this chicken-themed giveaway so much!! Can't wait to poke around your blog more... :)

    Take care,
    Carolina Country Living

  33. My favorite chicken collectible is the glass nesting hens. I just started collecting them and have two clear gals, plus a milk glass one. They just make me smile!

    Your newest follower,
    Carolina Country Living

    (stop by my blog--I'm also participating in the Cottage Charm giveaway!)

  34. Hi Cranky Queen, I adore your give-away...so clucking cute! I have to tell you about Ella, our first chicken. She turned out to be the tiniest chicken but the most feisty one we have had. She was the leader of the bunch and all the big hens followed her around. She taught them to come way up on our deck and peck at the back door for a treat and She wasn't afraid of anything. She was also our friendliest "girl".....very inquisitive. But she also drove us crazy. Wouldn't lay her eggs in the nest but everywhere else. She would make little nest out of pine needles all over the yard. Found one on the front porch one day. I miss that little dickens so much. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  35. In 1981 I went with my mother to Germany, her homeland. It was my first trip out-of-country, and I had such a good time. One of my first experiences was to go to a REAL Octoberfest. I learn the Chicken Dance there in 1981. You know...the one, where you flap your arms, shake your hips and dance like a chicken.

    Back in 1981 my sisters and friends couldn't believe this dance was popular in Germany. It was funny! Now you see it everywhere!

  36. Hi! I am a new follower. Here is my chicken story. My helper bought my son a chick which he named Chickadee. When it grew into a rooster, it suddenly started chasing women! One time it chased my sister and she promptly shouted, "I'm married!!!" We got him a hen and he started courting her by giving her cockroaches and stuff like that. Eventually she laid eggs, but she would lay them in the oddest places. Then one time it seemed like she was going to lay an egg on the concrete sidewalk so my helper put out her hand to catch it. Uh oh, it wasn't an egg! Patsy from

  37. How very very cute...please include me in your giveaway...my dog would love the rubber chicken...heeheehee!!

    Take care,

  38. I follow your blog


  39. The world will be a better place if I don't share recipes - you should trust me on this. I do overuse this phrase whenever possible: "What's kickin,' chicken?"

    What can I say? I like to rhyme.

  40. I'm a follower! goodness, I have so many chicken stories, I can't choose one! well, I guess my most famous is when I was 6 or 7, I stayed with my grandma. She had this cranky OLD rooster, with one eye and one leg. It seems that it took special delight in tormenting me. I have several photos someone shamelessly took of me climbing up into a tree with this rooster jumping around at the bottom waiting for me to climb down. well. one day I got enough courage, and a leaf rake, and was able to knock him to the ground long enough so that I could grab him. I was able to tame him that way and we were then friends. Not long after, though, a fox got him :( so that's my story.

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