Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble...

The Cranky Queen is "not so cranky" about her vintage turkey collection...as a matter of fact, she ranks these feathered birds as one of her #1 collections...scouring thrift stores, antique malls, yard sales, junk piles, & friend's attics in search of turkeys all through the year!
 This year she chose to "show off" her collection using plaid lunch pails as pedestals on the dining room table. Lunch boxes are the newest collection!

 The royal buffet is adorned by an assortment of Fall vegetables, flowers, leaves & of course, turkeys. Along with silk brown gloves and postcards...

The turkeys above were given to The Queen by Cranky Em' (her Mom). They are made from corn stalks, pine cones, & feathers! They perch with natural~type pumpkins in a wooden crate purchased at Bella Rustica.
Snapshots of the mantle in the living room...

 The turkey collection started with 2 wax candles from my Nannie.  Now I have salt & pepper shakers, napkin holders, flower vases, candles, & the list goes on and on...This Queen can talk some "turkey"!

 White pumpkins and even white turkeys find refuge in the kitchen.
 The mantle above is in the keeping room. I love the turkey plate that was found for 75 cents! Most of her collection was purchased for less than $10!
Vintage wax pilgrim candles express thankfulness...The Cranky Queen is very thankful...only "cranky" on occasion...a fun name given to her by her hubby & son, now coined Cranky King & Prince Logan.



  1. I love your turkey collection! And I've always had a thing for those little wax pilgrim candles ! Sometimes I feel bad for Thanksgiving as it often gets overlooked in the mad dash to get to Christmas!

  2. nice turkey collection :) i bought some little thanksgiving candles at the charity shop a few weeks ago and can't wait to display them on my thanksgiving day table too :) You are an inspiration!

  3. Great bird collection you have going on there! I probably have about 8 turkeys, so I'm no where near where you are. You're making me want to go out and find some more!

  4. Such a sweet collection of turkeys and I love the plaid picnic tins!

  5. LOVE your turkeys! Cute stuff! I also look for turkeys all year. They are not always easy to find anymore because for some reason, people forget Thanksgiving is holiday. Not me! I love Thanksgiving. Glad to see a kindred spirit. You might like my Thanksgiving posts from the last couple of years, I have some vintage turkeys too. Getting ready to post this year's Thanksgiving décor this week. I'm your latest follower!

    1. Would love to see your posts - what is name of the blog with Thanksgiving posts, as that is my fav too!

  6. I bow to your turkey collection. I have barely found any combing estate sales and antique stores. Your plaid picnic tins are fantastic too. Well done again this year!

  7. OH MY... this is the collection of my dreams!!! I have just a couple and like 'Mustings from Kim K." I have found almost NONE from estate sales, thrifts, and vintage stores. I finally have the hutch/buffet of my dreams and so little turkeys to decorate it with!!! GaDawn