Sunday, November 10, 2013

Junk Drunk...Country Living Fair

The Cranky Queen and her "Court of Gal Pals" traveled to Stone Mtn., Georgia to attend the Country Living Fair~A mega antique show that should be on every junker's "bucket list."
Cranky Queen, Duchess Melanie & Countess Tammy~Off to the Fair!
 I took so many pictures, that I will divide our royal trip into 2 parts. This post will focus on the amazing displays that these artist, dealers, junkers, & over-the-top talented people set up to sale their goods! Unbelievable!
I have collected blue swirl for years.It is all packed up waiting for Cranky King to purchase a cabin so I can use it in my lodgy~decor inspiration!
"GLAM CAMP"- an amazing booth & the items for sale were just "glamorous" !
Cranky Queen wanted the door, but the royal purse was barren by show's end.
Industrial continues to be the "IN DECOR"~especially for lofts
Deer were everywhere this year!

My favorite deer! Wouldn't this be adorable at Christmas for those who have hunters like our Royal Family!
The bike w/ crows and moss was an eye catcher!
I have started an old bottle collection in a birdbath. Loved, loved, loved everything in this booth!
Fun Fall Decor
Suitcases used for display were still popular among most vendors.
 Military Wear and Flannel has made a come back. Cranky Queen purchased an authenic Army wool coat. It is as the cleaners at this moment...My Dad's name tag and metals will be worn fondly on it!
Lots of vintage lace on everything!
 Old signs were "the rage" this year!
Do you see me anywhere?
Mannequins were a must in most booths!
My Aunt & her children's last name is ARBUCKLE, Oh how I wanted to get this!
Hope you enjoyed the Cranky Queen's tour of the 2013 Country Living Fair!  More to come...



  1. Thanks so much for posting these great photos! You are right, I need to put that fair on my bucket list. I live in Montgomery, not far from you and not too far from Stone Mountain, GA. I have my son's deer head that I have been trying to hide in a back bedroom but after seeing your photos and hearing that deer heads are "in" this year, I may have to bring him out for Christmas decorating. Love the sign that says "Oh, dear!"

  2. What fun! I have been to Georgia, but unfortunately not to that fair!

  3. I live in GA and attended the fair on the first day. Wasn't it great? Loved seeing your pics. It's hard to see everything since there is so much and a lot of people!