Tuesday, November 12, 2013

To Junk Or Not To Junk...That Is NO Question

 This is Part II of the Cranky Queen's trip to The Country Living Fair near Atlanta, GA. (See my previous post for Part I).  We saw lots of baskets on wheel similar to the one above.  I think they are adorable, but not functional (for me) in large crowds. But these wheeled contraptions are fashionable & do take the load off yours hands...& present so many ideas!
 These old trucks have become so popular. Love this one filled with pumpkins. The other with mini trees.
Crazy about these caps with funky flowers made from all sorts of lace, fringed fabric, buttons, etc.

I love pillows. These to the left were fantastic! Tea stained with added doilies and lace, finished off with old brooches.

Easy craft perfect for any kitchen

 What a fun stool made out of a broken chair. Adorable time out chair.
      I really liked this bag. Look at all the textures and patterns...
Check out the funky lampshades & upholstered chair by Christy Stone
A vendor's daughter was nice enough to let me take a snapshot of her skirt..we have decided this is going to be the next "gal pal" craft night creation!
Lighting made from an assortment of buckets & industrial items
Ain't this true!
 Tons of fun Christmas ideas using vintage decorations.

Suitcases are still very popular

This guy (with the nice hair) had the booth with all the military wear.
And this my blog friends is Patrick owner of South Porch Antiques. I stalk him (no visit him) each year.  He is referred to as "THE COWBOY".
This chandelier is definitely Castle~Worthy...

I had a great time with these 2 gal pals, Tammy & Melanie!   Keep Junkin'! Tiff        


  1. Looks like a great fair. So much fun eye candy and inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The fair is a ton of fun! Looks like you had lots of fun shopping in that cold weather...I know I did.


  3. Wow, what a great time! Would love to go sometime....thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my Pink Saturday post!