Thursday, April 21, 2011

Petals From The Past

 During the past month, blog land has been filled with all forms & fashions of eggs, bunnies, chicks, spring time decor & more... making us all gasp with delight & head to our studios and work areas to create the newest craft, or to our potting sheds to plant a pot of colorful, breathtaking spring flowers!

 While The Cranky Queen's parents were visiting from the Bayou State, we traveled to the well known "Petals From the Past" Gardens & Nursery in Jemison, AL.  http://www.petalsfromthepast.com. This nursery has been featured in well known magazines, such as Southern Living & Southern Lady.  Their popularity grew because of the heirloom & antique roses that are grown & sold there. 
 Heirloom roses are rooted or propagated from roses existing at the turn of the century & taken from old home places & estates. These roses are resistant to pest & their scent are much more pungent than the hybrids of today. These roses are cuttings from our past & rooted for our lives today.
Petals From The Past specialize in all types of plants, varying from herbs to fruit. The neat thing is...you can actually see these plants in flower beds, climbing on trellises, rooted in ponds, grown in vegetable gardens & potted in containers all centered around the old farm house that displays unique garden accessories.
If you are like me, I often need a "visual" to see it...

Isn't this pot fabulous?  The twisted plant in the center came home with me...
I just love this little rustic house with the tin roof & window box!

I fell in love with the cabbage patches & herb gardens with the concrete & terracotta roosters & bunnies.!

Look at the fence in the background behind the bunnies? 

 The Signature of God is Written In Flowers...

Take Time to Stop & Smell the Roses...

This is a view of the plants for sale...If you plant it, they will come!

Primitive trellis with heirloom roses growing up one side...

The porcelain orbs came in many sizes & colors. The Queen loves blue...
From our Southern home to yours, The Royal Cranky Family 
send you Easter Blessings...


  1. Wonderful photos.. I am so ready for spring but we never know what will happen here.. Snow, rain, hail and the sun peaking out every once in a while, and this has been all in one day. hehe Thanks for sharing. Tina

  2. Thanks for the tour! I would love that little rustic house with the tin roof for a potting shed! Too cute!!!

  3. Gosh I feel my green thumb itching!! I bought the twisted plant, too, last fall and it wintered beautifully in my containers... hoping it will transition on into the warmer months, too. Thanks for the beautiful images!

  4. Love the gardens, thanks for sharing. Happy Easter to you, too!

  5. Beautiful pics. I'm so ready for green instead of drab brown grass and empty branches. Happy Easter. Love the family photo!

  6. Great photos. I love the foxglove. I ran across some at the store today and I almost bought some. And the shed with the tin room is adorable.

  7. What a fun place to visit. I love antique roses and I have never heard of this place. Thank you for introducing it to me. The little house with the tin roof is adorable, sigh...I want it.(-: Have a happy day!

  8. Cute blog! Thanks for coming by Sassy Sites and linking up. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    Don't forget to enter the giveaways...


  9. Beautiful roses and gardens! Love that little garden shack and those blue orbs!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter.
    Take care, Laura :)

  10. What beautiful garden and flower shots. I need to show that tiny shed to my husband. I have been wanting a shed for my yard stuff and I think we can swing that one. We already have plenty of windows and a door. I just need the walls and a roof.

  11. Aww, this is so adorable, Tiff!!! What beauty abounds here!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!!


  12. I love the roses however I want that little bitty shed

    I am having a shed built and want it to look just like that tin roof and all

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  14. Beautiful Flowers, Can not wait until Wisconsin blooms!

  15. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos! Wishing you and yours a very happy Easter!

  16. A Beautiful Post. Happy Easter Cranky Queen! Hugs Tee

  17. One of my favorite things are gardens...pathways along flowering beds.
    Thanks for sharing and also for coming by to visit me.
    Easter Blessings ;-)

  18. What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter!

  19. How lovely ! I absolutely love the heirloom roses! Maybe you could send a little of that nice warm sunshine just a tad North? Thanks for joining in on my guessing game :)
    Happy Easter to you and your family Tiff.

  20. Living in the desert I so miss seeing such lovely springtime blooms. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  21. happy Easter Cranky Queen, Loved the tour! What is that twisted plant called? I planted a twisted willow about 4 years ago down by the lake. Was just looking at it today and I believe it has grown enough that I can start cutting some of those fabulous twisted branches for arrangements now. xo