Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vote for The Queen's Egg!

It is time to vote on your favorite egg over at The Altered Paper blog
Remember the groovy egg that I entered in the Vintage Egg Challenge, & blogged about recently? Well, voting begins today through April 16th. "Tee" over at The Altered Paper has been kind enough to have a giveaway for the egg with the most votes.  She is such a fun gal.  You gotta go over and check out her blog...only after you vote. That is right...she is letting bloggers vote for their favorite. I am #10.  So if you like my egg the best, please cast your vote for The Cranky Queen's Egg~#10 & it will make my day! ALSO, sign up to follow The Altered Paper blog & leave a kind comment.  Be Calm & Vote...
The Cranky Queen's Decoupaged Groovy Egg
 Dixie Belle will be very sad if you don't go vote on your favorite egg...


  1. Cranky Queen,I love your blog and your Groovy Egg! Hugs Tee PS. Let get them voting!

  2. I'm diggin that egg, but that dog is pretty groovy too! I'm heading over to vote!

  3. Love your groovy egg and flying over to post my vote! The last thing I want to be responsible for is a sad puppy!

  4. What a beautiful egg, headed over to vote! I wanted to thank you for you precious comment on my last post about my sweet Star, your comment meant so much to me, it's so nice to have such sweet blogging friends to lift you up when your down! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  5. Love your title!
    Thanks for visiting my KC post. I developed a little thing of always putting a little leopard in my artwork.
    Now I'm off to see the eggs and I'll be sure to cast a vote for ya.
    Easter Blessings ;-)