Saturday, March 19, 2011

What's New In the Land of Dixie?

Love, love, love the green metal stool!
The "Queen" decided to take a stroll today to view the "new" & "fab" in her favorite antique hangouts. My chariot headed north to Birmingham, AL. 
Because I love viewing all of your blogs showing market setups, I decided to share what the Land of Dixie has to offer.

Wire & wrought iron are HEAVY in the Steel City! Architectural pieces remain a fav...
I want to "steel" this idea for my studio using ornamental brackets & old shutters,  reclaimed wood, or doors!

Rusty metal wheels & pulleys add conversation to even the most royal of decor.  Rustic...masculine...industrial...

This is a great industrial-style light fixture.

             Burlap is also a favorite here in the South...the new silk!

I wanted this "Good Luck" sign, but Mr. Cranky may have been "crankier" if I would have spent all the royal treasure on one item!

Lab-style bottles are very collectible & the wooden folding chair is a "game breaker!"
 These little benches made from reclaimed beadboard or old wood could serve as footstools for the Queen. I saw these "little rustics" at 2 separate shops.  Re-purposing is the new recycling! I think I am going to have Mr. Cranky King build me one...

Painted furniture is "fun" as long as you don't use too much of it in one room...It plays off wood furniture very well.  I really like this mustard color with the gray interior...Lots of  seashells were seen today...everyone wanting to bring the beach "home"...

Old bottles in all colors are a staple in Southerner's decor! And I loved them displayed on this old scale.  Great idea (I'll have to remove the royal treasure from my scales...LOL)

Vintage suitcases are seen across the country in malls, shops & markets!  I love the worn look & especially the ones with leather trim & embossed initials. Old movie reels are "showing up" in game rooms as accent pieces...
Unusual lighting is "in" right now...You would be amazed at what these old globe pendants cost!?!
This is the Cranky Queen bringing "our part of the world" to you!
This shopping spree has worn Dixie Belle & the Queen to a "frazzle!"  It is time for a royal siesta...but maybe a mint julep first! No D.B., even royal dogs cannot have margaritas!
Keep Calm & Keep Junkin'!
Shops Featured included Urban Suburban, Antiques&Interiors and Hanna's Antique Mall.


  1. To the Queen,
    That was a fun post, I feel like I just went shopping, and really enjoyed it too!!! Have a great weekend. Terri :O)

  2. Oh, girl, I really enjoyed your tour of the cool shops!! (I REALLY need to get over that way soon--it's been ages!) Great photos!!

  3. That was fun, says Little Miss Echo. :)

  4. Tiffany, that was such a fun tour..drool! i too LOVE that green metal stool..would look perfect in my green kitchen. AND that fabulous shelf with the wonderful scroll metal brackets..what a great idea!

  5. Yep. The green stool is great! And hey, I know where we can get some green chippy wood where someone is remodeling. Come get me in the truck and I'll take you there. ;-) Or I can have ours late this afternoon and I can come get you.

  6. Dixie Bell is a darn doll. Love the silk of the South comment. You nailed that one perfectly, I love me some burlap! Great blog, I will be back! Hugs, Janna

  7. Oh what I would do for a day antiguing in the south! Your antiques are so much older down there and so much more charming!
    Hope you found lots of royal treasures.
    (Did the globe pennants come home with you?)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this evening,
    Your newest follower,

  8. Hi! How funny that you called yourself the Queen. The place where Debbie and I went flea marketing is called the Queen of Hearts! Anyway, great stuff there! I added my name fo your followers. Linda

  9. Love you blog and your post is just delightful Queenie!


  10. Thanks for the tour! I love the shelf too! I would like a couple of those, please. And the wheels are awesome. I would love to shop here. I especially love Dixie Bell!
    Have a great day!

  11. The dog looks very tired!
    Fantastic pictuers and the old bottles are stunning!
    G. Alexandra

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