Saturday, June 04, 2011

Baby, It's HOT Outside!

 I don't know about some of my blog friends, but here in Alabama, we are "smoldering"...& in Southern lingo "burning slap dab up!"  That is why the Cranky Queen snatched this fun little magnet up @ a yard sale for a dime on Friday...Hot flashes have a totally new meaning right now!

Silver plate & Jesus pic (I adore Religious icons!)

Loved this little cherub...fun patina & only 50 cents!


I thought that I could do a "makeover" on this Toothpick Holder. Another dime....And the enamel pins from the 1970's~30 cents!

6 little tea bag holders...another bargain & oh so cute!
This is another "re-do project". I may paint it white & decoupage some cute graphic on it...will have to show you a "before & after" when I finish. Projects are stacking up @ the castle!

More craft supplies~All for $2.00..."smoking prices!"
The piece on the left had an old dried flower arrangement in it that I discarded & w/ a little Goop Gone, it cleaned right up. The item on the right is the "HOT ITEM" of the weekend~a  jewelry box w/ a carnival glass lid from the Salvation Army & only 50 cents. I broke out in a sweat when the lady told me the price...

 I like any type of wrought iron & w/a new paint job... Perfect!

I collect vintage turkeys, so this older wax candle is for the Queen only!
Too hot to play, but aren't these awesome~1 buck!
Another wire basket...vintage door knobs will display great in it! The ceramic ball will go in the Queen's garden! I love blue...
Even with the heat, the Cranky Queen "chilled out" when she received her RAK envelope (Random Acts of Kindness). Yes, Karen from Karen's Monday Musings, was my RAK swap partner.  She mailed me a package of great goodies for crafting and creating! All this fun was planned by Tee over at The Altered Paper

Look at all the goodies that Karen sent! WOW!
Are these envelopes not just fab!
So Tell Me About Your Bargains This Weekend?!?


  1. Your bargains are awesome!! Love the little cherub!

  2. Haven't left the Cranky Nest in over a week (can you BELIEVE it???!) - so no bargains to share....But, truly, the saling in Nod does not compare to those in your kingdom....Great finds Your Highness!! And I KNOW you will put them to great use! Enjoy your "hot" weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Your thrify finds are awesome! I so wanted to go garage saling this weekend too but my hubby and I are feeling under the weather-so haven't been anywhere all week, except to the doctor.:(
    But your goodies are fabulous girl! And Karen sent you some wonderful goodies too!
    Stay cool!

  4. You "finds" are great! Love the enamel pins!

  5. What great finds! I love to go treasure hunting! X

  6. Wow! Your great finds just go on and on just like this horrible heat!!! Stay cool!!!

  7. Well that was one Fruitful Treasure Hunt!! Including your Goodie RAK Envelope - Sweet!
    Oh. and the Power Surge Magnet!! LOL. Love it!
    I gotta get out more. Hugs,Tee

  8. One word for the Queen...SCORE!! Wow, what amazing treasure finds, Tiff!
    I love every last one and can't wait to see what you do with your "makeovers!" Thanks so much for the shout-out and posting piks of the RAK...you're a sweetie and I look forward to swapping with you again! Have a popsicle and stay coooool!

  9. girl, I saw your post on Nancy's blog...thought your name was a kick so had to come and visit, I think we might be long lost sisters....lol! Sweatin and flashin in La.....I feel your pain. Nice to "meet" you.

  10. Dang girl! I spent $38 and didn't get anything that good. Now I'm pouting.

  11. Wow! My comment worked :) I am having SO much trouble still with commenting!

    We had those tea bag holders when I was growing up! Your finds are fabulous. Now if I could only get my Club G.W. party started....I'm also feeling those flashes here in Illinois!


  12. You did good. Fabulous finds. I can't believe the prices. Simply amazing. Stay cool.

  13. Wow Tiff! What amazing finds! Congratulations. You will have so much fun altering some of them.

  14. You found some awesome treasures! I can't wait to see what you create with them. It's hot here too...perfect for staying inside and creating! ;) Have a good week!