Thursday, June 16, 2011


If the crown fits,wear it!  That is the Cranky Queen's favorite motto... I have been a "lucky ducky" or as Cranky King says "Winner, Winner ~ Chicken Dinner!" I would like to share with you the wonderful creations that have been bestowed upon me as the winner of giveaways in world of blog land...

FIRST OF ALL...Lemay at Leaping Frog Designs sent by royal mail a beautiful handmade envelope book of amazing items to adorn whatever strikes the Queen's fancy. Oh, it is so good to be Queen!
The cover of the book...so delicate & feminine
Each page was filled with beautiful graphics

A book "fit for a Queen!"
A "royal" thank you to Lemay.  Visit her blog; it is breathtaking!

SECONDLY, Trisha from Glass Slippers & All Sorts of Stuff was my swap partner in the Initially Yours Swap.  Looked what arrived in the mail by the "royal carrier"... "T for Tiffany" created just for the Queen...
Adore these roses tucked in the corner...

Trisha asked what I liked in an email.  One of the first things that I mentioned were dogs...Look at this adorable spotted pup that she found at an antique store!
Buttons with crowns...It's hard to be the Queen, but someone has to do it!

A vintage hankie that can be taken off & used...
A burlap flower made my Trisha & old crocheted laced & sheet music to add that vintage touch. Visit Trisha's blog to see what she enjoys to do....
YES, THERE IS A THIRD!  Michelle from Ispirato Design had a fabulous giveaway...Drum roll, please!...of a charcoal portrait of your pet!  And the Cranky Queen won...I live a charmed life!
I emailed her several pics of Dixie Belle & she chose this one
How talented is Michelle?

You must check her blog out! She also takes special orders for pet portraits! King Cranky is getting this for one of his Father's Day gifts.  Dixie Belle is "his" dog & I know, he will absolutely love it!  Thank you so very much, Michelle!
Have a Wonderful Weekend & Please Browse the Wonderful Blogs That Have Been So Generous to me...The Queen Is No Longer Cranky!


  1. Great wins, Tiff! You're the luckiest Queen I know!!! :)

  2. Wow, great stuff. Lucky you. Love the collage you made for the initially you swap as well. Trisha was a lucky girl too.

    Hugs, Jackie

  3. It certainly IS good to be Queen! Congrats, dear friend, your prizes and swap are lovely!!!

  4. Items - each and every one - truly befitting a queen...! Love them!! But I gotta say - I'm way impressed with that charcoal drawing of Dixie Belle....How very cool is that?!! Congrats!!! Carry on.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I am so glad that you liked it! I had so much fun creating it for you. And I absolutely love what you made for me. I have it hanging in my craft room so I can see it whenever I am creating! Thank you so much!!


  6. You won some great giveaways congrats and enjoy!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  7. WOW, everything is so amazing!!! I'll bet you're smiling from ear to ear!! You asked me about the heat--in the high 90s here--AND my air-conditioning broke! It's been at the mechanic since Monday--happy to have it back--yay!!

  8. Hey Tiff,
    You really made out like a QUEEN! :) I love doggies too! The portrait of your Dixie Belle is fabulous! You really are blessed, girl! I enjoyed seeing all your goodies.

  9. Hail to the Queen and all of your loot....lucky you. The sketch of your Dixie Belle, was the favorite here, of course, dog worshiper that I am...

  10. Wow Lucky you! Great loot for the queen! Love it! the pic of your little pet is fabulous!

  11. Nice to meet a neighbor of the south. I just got to tell you, you nail it about the south in your profile. Hot Hot Hot... I am follower 234 and proud of it. All hail to the Queen on your blog.

  12. What great treasures, and so much. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to come check you out esp. since you are a southern gal. I didn't realize we had royalty living in our state. Great blog and what a fun swap. I am new to blogging esp the linky parties but I did manage to do two yesterday. I love the idea of the swap, I will try to catch one next time.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Fun, fun, fun! I still say you're the luckiest girl I know. And I'm ready for some of that luck to rub off on me! Y'all have a good time next week.

  14. Bonjour ~ Congrats on your fabulous win! They are truly beautiful creations. Happy summer to you!

  15. Love this blog!! Im now a follower!Thanks for sharing your beautiful works with us all!.If you get a chance id love it if you checked out my blog, we have Vintage in common and i also usually give away freebies too!
    Hugs June

  16. How fantastic are all these items?! Lucky you... but you are losing the excuse to be cranky... least you can still be queen! X

  17. I just came by for a visit and saw this! Thank you for your kind words! It was my pleasure!

  18. You must have some good mojo going on to win all these lovelies!! lol Congratulations! That charcoal picture is amazing!! A true likeness of your doggie!

  19. WOW! So many wonderful treasures!!

    thanks for visiting my place.
    in regard to doggy pin cushion, i already had someone inquire. if for some reason she does not get it i will let you know. okay? =)

    barbara jean

  20. LOOOVE that doggy portrait!!! And love the name dixie bell, too cute!