Monday, June 27, 2011

The Royal Family Has Returned To The Castle

Sweet Home Alabama! The Royal Family has returned from their travels & "oh what a time we had!" We started our journey by traveling to St. Louis, MO & made many stops & detours along the way. Cranky King was a "very good sport" & only made a few comments during a stop at a "less than royal" flea market! He even "got down with the people" at a farm house auction...& bought something on his own at a flea market!
After almost 11 hours, we were glad to see this sign!
St. Louis or BUST!
We even arrived without any speeding tickets! Yeah for the Royal Family...
'BIG RED' was the Royal Carriage!
 So what did we do during our travels??? Well...a little of this & a little of that...
We got our "morning jolt" with coffee from The St. Louis Bread Company
It was Marine Week in St. Louis...& the Queen never misses an opportunity to take her picture with a soldier...didn't hurt that he was a doll!
...and we toasted to our trip...Washington St. Oyster Bar
...and we toasted some more...BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups
We listened to some awesome Blues & Jazz. The Queen & Mr Chapman, Blues Singer.
We went to see a St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Game. Cranky King & Queen love their baseball! Unfortunately, the Cardinals lost to the Phillies...

 We ventured over to CHEROKEE ANTIQUE ROW  in St. Louis, but unfortunately, many shops were closed. We did get to visit a funky shop called Purple Cow Antiques where I snapped these photos. Cool, huh?
 He had some great advertising signs...& look at the bridge and its mosaic water banks!
The Royal Couple had a wonderful time...& we toasted some more!
Cranky King being his "ordinary self" at the Anheuser Busch Tour & Beer Tasting! Gosh, so many varieties of "adult beverages to choose from,,,
Awesome wrought iron fencing. This would look great around the palace!
 We also got a chance to rummage through a great barn in Hermann, MO called the Red Barn Antiques
Loved these old wheels and tractor thingies!
Shutters Anyone???
Check this out! We felt like The American Pickers? Can you guess who was the "chubby" one?
What time is it?  The Queen actually bought some of these clocks.
Antlers are so great in the decorating now..
And the Queen's passion...architectural pieces!
 I will continue the tour of our travels at a later date. Cranky Queen & King have much more to share with you...
 ...but the Cranky Queen is tired from her trip & needs a royal nap...


  1. Oh, what fun!
    Somehow I can't see my husband being the good sport that yours is.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fun, Fun!! The Hubby and I have been on the junkin' road and loving it! Great place to visit! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad the royal carriage made the trip safely and you had a fun time!!!

  4. What a fun trip!!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time together!!!! I could sure do me some digging in that last place...and I'm glad you came home with a few of those clocks too!!! xxoo, Dawn

  5. what a fun post sweetie. i so enjoyed the tour of your vacation.
    barbara jean

  6. Looks like (and sounds like) you had a royally great time!! Mr. Crow would have dropped me at the first stop and carried on without me I fear....You and the Cranky King make such an adorable couple!! Perhaps, though, you should have "toasted" some more... ;o) Glad you're safely back on southern turf....and you'll probably enjoy your royal bed a little bit more the next few nights....Can't wait to see more! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Welcome back to the castle! Looks like a fun trip to MO

  8. Thanks for sharing your journey. Hugs!

  9. Looks like your holiday was a winner! hubby seems to be very easy going, not sure mine would be the same. Good for you, must be the royalty thing you have going! There is no place like home! Mine is in Victoria BC, thanks for sharing, Marilyn

  10. Aw. I was doing just fine only imagining your trip, but now that I've seen pictures, I'm having to fight envy! LOL Glad y'all had a great trip and still wanting to see what you brought home!

  11. So glad the royal family had a great time!! Love seeing all the great junk! I would love that old fence in my yard!

  12. It's nice to know Royals and I have some things in common. St. Louis, BB's Jazz club. It's good know you party like us common folks.